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Things that Made Me Smile

31 Dec

Some things that made me or Luis smile over the past week or so.

  • “I want to keep it as a pet”
  • My awesome husband.. coming home from work and seeing the living room, kitchen, and laundry all clean
  • Sitting in our living room and see the Christmas cards we have received
  • Pudgy little squirrels everywhere
  • “What’s that smell?”
  • Receiving my Georgia Tech jacket
  • Bowling in the gaming center for $1.00!!
  • Balls of ice along the sidewalk
  • Waiting for The Stinger (campus bus) and seeing a sign that says “Good luck on your finals” – the campus is so caring hahaa
  • Feeling snow on my face for the first time
  • Receiving our very first Christmas card
  • A drawer full of silverware

Some things that we are getting use to

  • Taking jackets, shoes, gloves, etc off every time we enter a building
  • Putting layers of clothes on to go outside or just to get the mail
  • The low water pressure in our shower
  • Not being greeted by my Dudley when I come home or fall asleep to the noises he makes
  • It just being Luis and I
  • Knowing we are missing out on an awesome parties at a family member or friends house
  • All the odd noises our neighbors make
  • Getting out of our new super comfy bed before noon  =)

Tamarind Seed Thai Bistro @ Peachtree

30 Dec

This place was recommended to me by a fellow Thai food lover and a lover of spice.

Luis and I for 6 years have eaten at the same hole in the wall Thai restaurant almost every weekend back home in South Miami called, Rock a Bangkok. So, it was very important to find another good Thai restaurant here in Atlanta.  My co-worker eats spicy asian food quite often so when he suggested his go to Thai place, I ran for the door and got my mouth ready for some spicy food.

Tamarind Seed is a very open place with lots of windows located on the first floor of a huge corner building and a great bonus is that it is very close to where we live.  I felt every comfortable right away and loved the decor and all the wood.

Tamarind Seed has a huge wine selection and a fairly large menu. The main dishes are mostly made with curry, which I love! I saw a few green curry dishes which I have to confess, I have never tried. So, of course I ordered a green curry dish right away along with this… a fish cake appetizer, YUM!

The fish cakes came with an awesome sauce.  It looked like it was made with chiles, honey, scallions, and peanuts with straw cut cucumbers mixed in.

One item I always order from every Thai restaurant I try out, if  it’s on the menu is the Tom Kha Kai or Tom Kha Gai soup, whichever is available. I love this soup! Made with chili spices, chicken, mushrooms, scallions, and coconut milk. This one was called Tom Kha Kai and it had lemon grass mixed in so it wasn’t as thick as I have had before and I absolutely loved it.

Now, back to my first green curry dish that took my breathe away.. literally.

Green curry with jumbo prawns.

It was very good, but very, very, very hot!  Luis loved it more, since he is the type to ask waiters for the spice tray and add more spice to his already as spicy as can be dish.

I can’t remember what Luis ate, but it had chicken and green beans in a chili sauce. He must have loved it because nothing was left =)

While we ate, the wind picked up and it began to snow which made the hot tea we were drinking taste so much better.

The first thing that impressed me with this restaurant was our super tentative waiter and how quick the food came out.  We spent more money than we use to at our old Thai place, about 50 bucks. Compared to the $25 we would spend at Rock A Bangkok back home, including tip this might not be our every weekend spot but, I plan to go back and try some more dishes. Including a dish with minced chicken that caught my eye.


Do you Ninja? I Ninja!

29 Dec

This week at work things have been pretty slow so, after about four hours into my shift I have been told to go home. Which for now, I don’t mind and gladly accept to go home and spend time with my husband and lay around in my pajamas… and!  It gives me time to be in the kitchen.

My awesome cousin in law and someone who makes the most delicious dishes gave me her recipe for a Kalamata Olive Tapenade Spread that she made for the family at Thanksgiving.

Which Luis fell in love with and wouldn’t stop talking about.  So, I attempted to make it.

I was super happy to make this dish, because I was able to use my Ninja Prep Master for the first time!

This was a very easy recipe, with no thinking needed = love.

Plus, gadgets make cooking fun!

This is the Ninja, and it made this with a push of the button.

Happy husband… happy life.


Geisha House @ Atlantic Station

28 Dec

Geisha House is located in our favorite place, Atlantic Station. Mostly because it less than a mile from our place, so close we could walk to it.. well, when it warms up we could. And on Sunday everything on the menu is 50% off!! Super sweet deal.

Warning.. Before viewing these pictures I must warn you! This place is very dark and sexy.. so, if it gets you in the mood, it isn’t my fault!

Or maybe not.. but really, my warning is you may not be able to see the pictures so well since it was dark heehee

The theme is red = sexy

The decor and music gives it a club feel, which I like minus the people dancing or stage to view.

A “G” and an “H” illuminated by candle light on the wall. Candles were everywhere.

That is the menu above, and yes that is a close up on a Geisha applying her red lipstick.

Not the small family owned hole in the wall we are use to but, the rolls were great!

My favorite starter dish that I always order at every sushi place, tuna tataki. It wasn’t sliced as thin as I am use to, but the ponzu sauce with scallions and masago (fish roe) made my belly happy.

The rolls were larger than we thought. The server had warned us that they served tapas style dining, meaning small portions. We couldn’t even finish it all.

Oh, and the drink was very dark and sexy as well. It was called a Cherry Blossom. It was a type of amaretto sour, but with Jack Daniel’s added as well.  Did I mention it was strong!?

The rolls weren’t over the top amazing, but not horrible. I enjoyed the four rolls Luis and I ordered. I probably wouldn’t eat there if it wasn’t a Sunday, but all in all, this place might just be my Sunday go to sushi place, thanks to the 50% off.

Our Christmas

27 Dec

Christmas Outfit

Christmas Dinner

Christmas was nice and quiet. Breakfast, play in snow, movie theatre to see Tron, and lastly.. dinner.

Luis wore his new red and black Adidas sneakers and I wore my new fun heart ruffle dress.

We gave our apartment a gift too, or more like our bedroom. A new bedding set.

First came rain…

then came snow!

All the little kids came out to play and a dad rolled around a ball of snow for what seemed like hours and made a snowman for his son. A snowman much bigger than the one I made last time. Which lasted until the next day.

A dirty snowman!

Because of the snow, I didn’t start making dinner until 8 pm.. Yikes!

And dessert..

Thankfully it was worth the wait.  It’s getting late and I have to work everyday this week and I don’t know when my next day off will be.  I just looked outside and there is still snow on the ground.

Today, we were able to drive around in snow for the first time. What’s it like!? It’s kinda like rain, but a lot quieter. Like tiny fluffiness hitting the window =)

Oh Christmas Tree

26 Dec

As mentioned before, these past two days the kitchen has been my best friend.

Christmas Eve was spent making ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and little cake pops!

Cake pops are the best little desserts ever invented and very messy to make, which to me equals fun.

(Click on a photo to enlarge)

So, you see!  We did get a Christmas tree after all =)

These little guys are super tasty.. Luis couldn’t get enough of them.