Welcome Home

5 Dec

Hello 10th and Home

A quick look at our on campus spousal apartments. The best part of living in Midtown is that we are in the middle of everything!

I love all the brick buildings. I even think Atlanta’s down town is prettier than downtown Miami.

The atmosphere here is very family friendly and almost every couple here has a child.

The grounds even have toy trucks beneath all the trees for the kids to play with.

Our apartment is on the 7th floor right behind this huge tree. Our view over looks the playground.

I can’t wait for spring time to see this tree fill up with leaves.

Oh! and since we are on the top floor our place has a vaulted 12 ft ceiling and a huge floor to ceiling living room window. Photos of that later…

One Response to “Welcome Home”

  1. Elaine Miller December 5, 2010 at 7:00 pm #

    Bridgie & Luis, I am so happy to share your Georgia experience through your blog. The housing is beautiful and you two look so happy! All that Miami food looked wonderful. Just a note of info: Columbus is eight hours away from Atlanta. Just saying. Bridgie, I hope your Mom is not still crying. That Duffy House has got to be very, very quiet now. I guess it is a good thing that Dudley is still there to stir things up a bit now and then. Love you both. Aunt Elaine

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