Whistle while you work

15 Dec

First Day

So, today is my second day on the job. The first day didn’t amount to much since my user name wasn’t in the system so I couldn’t complete my computer training.  Because of that, I was able to go home a few hours early and make a yummy meal and spend time with the husband.

All I can think about is the amount of people coming to visit in the next couple of weeks and what items I need to buy and what to make while they are here.  We have Luis’ friend from Miami Dade College coming to stay for a few nights around the 21st while he finds a place to live. He too will be going to Georgia Tech.  Then Luis’ family will be coming to visit around the 23rd and staying for a few nights as well. Lastly, four of my friends will be here around the 30th and staying for the new years weekend. So exciting!!

Oh! and we gotta think of places to see and go to entertain everyone! Where to begin? I have a list of places I made months ago so, hopefully it comes in handy now.

The spanish tortilla I made for brunch.

I hope it snows while our visitors are here.. hope they could handle it.

Now, only if I had our dining room set up.

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