Number 3

22 Dec

The Nutcracker

Number three on my list of things to do while we are in Georgia is to see The Nutcracker in the historic Fox Theatre.  Never did I think within the first month of our move would we be able to actually cross that off the list.  Thankfully free tickets were put into my hand and I quickly said yes before they could be given to someone else.  Super Happy!

(Click on a photo to enlarge)

This was my first ballet, but have watched The Nutcracker many times when I was younger. My aunt Donna bought me it on VHS and I use to watch it over and over again thinking one day, since I was in dance classes at the time, that I would be able to do those moves too.

In the first act when the little girl, Clara is given the ballet slippers by her godfather, she does this little happy dance and that is the dance I would do, over and over again. Rewind, do the dance, rewind again, copy the move again.

Well, years have passed and I definitely can’t do any of the moves performed on stage last night.  But, it did bring back that same magic I had when I was younger and dreamed of dancing to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy on stage… but then again what little girl didn’t?

My camera was having issues capturing the dancers since no flash is allowed and they moved fairly quickly.  Plus my camera has been having issues since we moved to Georgia.  I think it doesn’t like the cold.

Next on my list is a new camera.. one day.

Not only were the tickets free, but I was able to leave work 3 hours early, and our seats were on the second row.  That is closer than when Luis and I saw Wicked in New York!

Oh and meet my hot date who lovingly sucked up his yawns and wanting to fall asleep during the ballet for me.

Love you!

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