Wasabi Grill on 14th

23 Dec

Let’s Eat Out

The other day Luis had a friend from Miami stay with us for a day while he searched for his future home while he attends Georgia Tech.

As a thank-you for letting him crash on our super soft comfy couch he treated us to our first meal out.

He chose a place that was about 3 minutes from our place called Wasabi Grill. The atmosphere was cozy and it kind of  looked like it could have been a tapas restaurant at one time.  I don’t know why but I love when restaurants have a booth option to sit instead of the usual chair… not sure why.

For $2.50 I had a cucumber and crab salad.  I wish it had a sauce with more flavor, but I enjoyed it.

He had a veggie tempura mixture for about $4.00 that he seemed to really enjoy.

I also had the tuna tuna roll ($10.00). Tuna on top with a tuna kimchi mixture inside.

Luis saw that they had one of his favorite dishes while in Japan on the menu, Yakisoba ($8.00).  It was pretty good, but not the same as Japan. It was a little too saucy and my tuna roll was a regular sushi roll, nothing creative.

We gave this place some good points for being so close to home and easy on the pocket book.  I am already planning to go back and try the kimchi fried rice. I just wish the sushi menu had more variety and some more creative ingredients.


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