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Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry, Merry, Merry,

Look!! Santa came…

Or… it could have been Luis =)

Santa did make an appearance this year to our place even though someone told me it would be a miracle if it happened.  But really,  I have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas and this whole year.  Luis has worked extremely hard to meet goals that he had set for himself and for us three years ago.  It wasn’t until this month that everything fell into place and became reality.  Moving to Atlanta to begin our new chapter and complete the new goals set I have realized how much he cares for me, all of me.. imperfections and all. Thank-you Luis, for being my miracle and giving the best gift of all this year, I will follow you anywhere.

Thanks to the rain it’s cold and wet outside so, for Christmas we are going to see a movie and wait for the snow.

I love you and miss you, Merry Christmas!

Happy Everything!

24 Dec

Happy Christmas Eve

Today we went to Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody. We did some Christmas shopping for ourselves and for our place.. so, yea no surprises for us in what we got each other =) . And yes you read correctly, we bought our place a gift, new bedding and pillows for our bedroom.

Ever since we came home from the mall I have been busy in the kitchen.. but that’s for another post.

Hope Santa brings you everything on your list! And don’t forget to leave out some cookies for him too, we did!


Wasabi Grill on 14th

23 Dec

Let’s Eat Out

The other day Luis had a friend from Miami stay with us for a day while he searched for his future home while he attends Georgia Tech.

As a thank-you for letting him crash on our super soft comfy couch he treated us to our first meal out.

He chose a place that was about 3 minutes from our place called Wasabi Grill. The atmosphere was cozy and it kind of  looked like it could have been a tapas restaurant at one time.  I don’t know why but I love when restaurants have a booth option to sit instead of the usual chair… not sure why.

For $2.50 I had a cucumber and crab salad.  I wish it had a sauce with more flavor, but I enjoyed it.

He had a veggie tempura mixture for about $4.00 that he seemed to really enjoy.

I also had the tuna tuna roll ($10.00). Tuna on top with a tuna kimchi mixture inside.

Luis saw that they had one of his favorite dishes while in Japan on the menu, Yakisoba ($8.00).  It was pretty good, but not the same as Japan. It was a little too saucy and my tuna roll was a regular sushi roll, nothing creative.

We gave this place some good points for being so close to home and easy on the pocket book.  I am already planning to go back and try the kimchi fried rice. I just wish the sushi menu had more variety and some more creative ingredients.


Number 3

22 Dec

The Nutcracker

Number three on my list of things to do while we are in Georgia is to see The Nutcracker in the historic Fox Theatre.  Never did I think within the first month of our move would we be able to actually cross that off the list.  Thankfully free tickets were put into my hand and I quickly said yes before they could be given to someone else.  Super Happy!

(Click on a photo to enlarge)

This was my first ballet, but have watched The Nutcracker many times when I was younger. My aunt Donna bought me it on VHS and I use to watch it over and over again thinking one day, since I was in dance classes at the time, that I would be able to do those moves too.

In the first act when the little girl, Clara is given the ballet slippers by her godfather, she does this little happy dance and that is the dance I would do, over and over again. Rewind, do the dance, rewind again, copy the move again.

Well, years have passed and I definitely can’t do any of the moves performed on stage last night.  But, it did bring back that same magic I had when I was younger and dreamed of dancing to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy on stage… but then again what little girl didn’t?

My camera was having issues capturing the dancers since no flash is allowed and they moved fairly quickly.  Plus my camera has been having issues since we moved to Georgia.  I think it doesn’t like the cold.

Next on my list is a new camera.. one day.

Not only were the tickets free, but I was able to leave work 3 hours early, and our seats were on the second row.  That is closer than when Luis and I saw Wicked in New York!

Oh and meet my hot date who lovingly sucked up his yawns and wanting to fall asleep during the ballet for me.

Love you!

Butter… it’s good for you!

21 Dec

My new obsession for this week is a little stick of butter that I was super happy to buy and take home and try out in a few dishes. As a Paula Deen fan, I know butter makes any dish just that much better.

But, it isn’t just any butter… it’s Irish!

And as we Duffy’s know.. anything Irish is good for you!

Not only is this stuff good on a great piece of bread, but I mixed it into our sweet potato, regular mashed potatoes, and melted it the pan for my morning eggs. The best part, it was under a buck!

Yep! Imma fatty


Very White

20 Dec

Day number 20 and we have our dining room put together. We decided to forgo the other dining room set we had in mind because it required a much larger budget which at this moment we don’t have. Plus, we are only here for 4 years. Why put in a bunch of much money to buy things for this place?  Most likely we wouldn’t take anything from here to our next place.  Sell it all and move on.  Especially if we travel for Luis’ job in the future… okay enough dreaming, here is our dining room set up for now.



Not a lot of color at the moment but, we have some ideas and touches to add to the area to bring in some color. That’s for later though.

We did some DIY on our book shelf to give us more room for all our wine glasses and because we can’t hang or nail anything onto our walls, the book shelf seemed like a great area to hold and display them all.  The book shelf is also a great place to add little treasures from past generations.  The owl is from my grandmother’s sister, Cutie and her personal owl collection.  She gave it to my aunt Donna, who has also passed and then given to me by my mother.

We also added another light to our dining room area right above the table since it was kinda dark.

The best part about this whole project is that we spent much less than the first budget we thought of.. actually we spent about $130! $130 includes the dining room set (table and chairs), light, light fixtures, book shelf, and two wine glass racks.  And for us college kids… it means awesomeness!

I am so glad to have unpacked the last two plastic bins that had dishes in them.  Now it feels a little more like home and I am sure Luis is super happy not to have to eat on his lap any more.