Château Élan Winery @ Braselton, GA

2 Jan

Number 86 on my list of things to do while in Georgia is to explore the Georgia Wine Highway.  Today, the first day of the new year 1-1-11 Luis and my friends and I went to four wineries, and after an hour and a half drive, we found out most of them were closed.  Luckily one was open.

Château Élan Winery

Oh! and it was a rainy day as well.

The day turned out to be quite an adventure and it was nothing but fun.

I decided to start the wine drive with a winery that was a little out of the way of the main Georgia Wine Highway and I am sure glad I did since it was the only winery open.

The wines that we tasted were mixed with fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, melon, and peaches; called wine fusion.

This wine was almost everyone’s favorite wine, American Port. I enjoyed the peach fusion white wine.

We all walked out with a bottle or two.

After our tasting we left on another 45 minute ride towards Georgia Wine Highway and THAT is where the adventure began.

We drove through fog and mountains, twist and turns, up and down winding roads to the next winery.  We drove through some very scary looking areas. Places that reminded us of the movie The Hills Have Eyes and the rain and fog did not help our feeling of the scenery. Sadly, the second winery was never found. Our GPS lead us to the correct location but we did not see any winery “estates” nor the winery itself like the signs had mentioned, just water damaged and burnt down houses and trailers with broken down cars around the lots.

15 or so miles later we came to the third and fourth winery. Frogtown Cellars and Three Sisters Vineyards located in Dahlonega which were both closed even though they had no signs posted or mention of them being closed on their websites. Total bummer.  But, the location of these two wineries were absolutely beautiful and hoping to make another trip when spring comes.

Frogtown Cellars

The best part about the trip besides spending it laughing and getting scared with great friends was our quick visit to Cumming, GA before heading back home to eat at a great Japanese restaurant. More on that for another post.

I hope everyone had a great and adventurous first day of the new year too!!


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