Thai Basil Chicken @ Home

20 Jan

I wish I could tell you about some amazing adventure that Luis and I just had, but sadly Luis has been busy with school and studying and I have been stuck at work almost everyday.

Our schedules are all off and I hope that we will have some time together to go out and do some more exploring. Remember, I have a whole list of things to do and see!!

Good thing we gotta eat.

Thai style basil chicken with a baby sesame octopus.  My first whole octopus.  It was interesting.

The flavor was very good, but I can’t think about the little guy being in my mouth or else it kinda freaks me out.

Good thing mochi was for dessert.

Yum! Azuki (red bean).

I had a job interview yesterday.  My second interview since moving to Georgia.

Happy thoughts!

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