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When Life Gives you Korean Pears, Make Pear Sauce

24 Jan

Luis bought a pack of beautiful Korean Pears for me.  I love when he picks up interesting ingredients that push the limits of my cooking ability.

Korean Pears aren’t as dense in texture as regular pears. They are very light, juicy, and sweet.

First thing that came to my mind was to use the pears with beef.

I used my Ninja Master Prep to shred the Korean pears, ginger, brown sugar, lemon juice, and lemon zest.  It looked like applesauce and tasted very refreshing and sweet.  Might be good on a slice of bread or ice cream.

We used it as an addition for our garlic and soy sauce marinated steaks.


After our meal I looked up some recipes online that included Korean Pears and many recipes mentioned pairing the pears with raw beef, like a beef tartare.  Not sure if I am ready for raw beef yet, even though I love tuna tartare.  Maybe one day.

Luis loved this dish so much that I made it again the next day for lunch.

New Year / New Things

22 Jan

I am putting together a list of things I would like to accomplish or try for this new year instead of the usual New Years resolution that never makes it past the first two weeks.

So… here it is.

If you think of anything, let me know.  If I like your idea I will add it! =)


  • More homemade projects like the paper snowflakes we did for Christmas
  • Paint at least three canvas paintings
  • Host a wine and cheese party
  • Participate in a hot air ballon rally
  • Spend overnight outdoors in a tent
  • Continue to grow my hair and not cut it, only trimming allowed
  • Get lost a few times while kayaking and find my way
  • Invest in great hiking boots
  • Run in the Atlanta Thanksgiving 5k half marathon
  • Bake my own bread
  • Dress as a zombie for the day and ride the MARTA for Atlanta’s Zombie Walk / Horror Fest
  • Make/meet really awesome friends
  • Plan an outdoor picnic on a lake or in a meadow in the woods
  • Tell Luis I love him everyday
  • Go fishing on a river
  • Join the local library to check out and read at least two books a month
  • Re-take french classes
  • Volunteer at PAWS Atlanta
  • Give up sweets for 30 days
  • Try durian
  • Finish hanging our honeymoon pictures

Thai Basil Chicken @ Home

20 Jan

I wish I could tell you about some amazing adventure that Luis and I just had, but sadly Luis has been busy with school and studying and I have been stuck at work almost everyday.

Our schedules are all off and I hope that we will have some time together to go out and do some more exploring. Remember, I have a whole list of things to do and see!!

Good thing we gotta eat.

Thai style basil chicken with a baby sesame octopus.  My first whole octopus.  It was interesting.

The flavor was very good, but I can’t think about the little guy being in my mouth or else it kinda freaks me out.

Good thing mochi was for dessert.

Yum! Azuki (red bean).

I had a job interview yesterday.  My second interview since moving to Georgia.

Happy thoughts!

Asian Cuisine @ Home

19 Jan

Luis made some dishes from our Chinatown adventure.

We both have no idea what we are doing, but everything was made with love.

Yakisoba noodles with vegetables and a side of pickled ginger.

A salad with thai peanut dressing, and a side of sweet pork buns.

Love the pork buns! My all time favorite quick snack or for breakfast when we were in Japan.

One of those days…

18 Jan

It was one of those nights that lasted forever and the complaints just wouldn’t end.

I headed home, totally beat up and wanted nothing but the couch and television.  I wanted to be in my own bubble and forget about the world or else I would never show up to work again.  It isn’t a secret that I am not loving my job, but luckily the people I work with have such an awesome attitude, very warm and caring. And thankfully no one has taken me too seriously for me to offend them with my sarcasm. They really make most of my days fun and painless.

Then Luis did something so simple that it turned my attitude around and I became myself again.  He had home cooked food and a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting at the dinner table for me as soon as I walked through the door.  It simply amazes me how a warm plate of food and a bunch of cheerful colored flowers could make my whining fade away.

Now I am ready for another day of work, good or bad.

Because no matter what, I have to realize when I come home; it’s the best world to come home to.

(Psst.. how could you not love the Dexter look Luis has going on right now, I love it!)