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Piedmont Park Conservancy

28 Feb

Part two of our visit to the park on Sunday.

You can view part one here.

I can spend the entire day just staring at all the happy flowers.

I love looking at our past Sunday at the park and how nice the day was.  Today, Monday, isn’t so nice. It has been a hectic and crazy day as well as ugly.  The weatherman just announced that we are under a tornado warning and golf ball size hail has been seen in our area.  I think it’s eerie how low the clouds are.  Glad to end this day and start another day, I just hope tomorrow is nicer.

I hope you are not having a case of the Monday uglies like me!

Sunday @ Piedmont Park

27 Feb

Sundays should always be scheduled as a park day.

Especially today since the weather was spectacular.

We woke up early and walked from our apartment to Piedmont Park, less than a mile.

I am actually shocked that this is our first time back to the park since our short trip to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech transfer students orientation back in 2009.  For now I will blame the cold weather for not making the time to visit the park.

The grass had bright and happy dandelions all over.

Not sure what kind of tree this is, but it reminded me of a Cherry Blossom tree. Very lovely and the sight of it made me giddy inside.

Hello Spring!

Now we are home and Luis has started studying and I am in need of some relaxation before the work week begins.

Happy Sunday to you!


Malanga Made Some Friends

26 Feb

Before we moved to Atlanta I had an idea to have little pots with herbs by our window in the living room. With the season changing I felt it was time to put that idea into effect.

Basil, Thai Basil, Oregano, and Cilantro.

It’s not raining as much as it did when we first moved here. A perfect place, full of light to grow herbs.

Oh! and meet our other new plant that Luis fell in love with.

I think it looks awesome in the corner.  I love how it helps accent the frames above.

I also picked up a little Calla Lily plant too, to help bring the feeling of spring into our little place.

Our little place is shaping up very nicely.

Looking at the pots, waiting for the seeds to start sprouting makes me miss the garden I had back home.  I wonder if I could grow tomatoes and green beans in a pot in my living room?

Feeling a little greener =)

Dinner # 2 @ Hoki’s

24 Feb

Hoki has been an amazing host.

We have taken turns cooking, but his food presentation is always so nicely put together compared to my dishes.

Our appetizer of vegetable sushi, baby tako, mushroom tofu with seaweed salad on top, and my favorite garnish, japanese radish.

Hoki is the master and he even served lychee ice cream for dessert.

Full and happy.

Tag, my turn to plan the menu.

In the 70’s

23 Feb

It’s finally warming up here in Atlanta, in the 70’s!

The funny part is, when I was in Miami with the temperature being in the 70’s I would be freezing, but here in Atlanta I feel like it’s hot outside.

Luis had been cooped up inside the house for days studying, so we decided to take it out doors and feel some sun.

While he read his chapters for Biology I glanced at the new Ikea book.

And I watched all the kids and their parents play in our apartment’s courtyard.  Everyone was enjoying the weather!

I can feel that spring is almost here.  I can’t wait to see leaves on the trees and the grass turn green.

Hope your day was warm and bright as well  =)

The Varsity on Day 81

22 Feb

Before moving to Atlanta, Luis’ family had told us about The Varsity.

Day 81 and we finally took the time to pull into the largest drive thru restaurant in the world and give this Atlanta landmark’s menu a try.

I am not sure if I am into the whole eating in your car while trying to balance plates and food on your lap.  Probably wouldn’t be our go-to spot but, it was quick and cheap, and on this day.. it worth the trip.


We had the chili cheese dog with cole slaw and a side of onion rings.

Oh! and an orange freeze!

Thinking about it now, I think this was my first dining drive thru… Thanks for the experience and we will see you when we see you!