Silver Skillet @ 14th NW

4 Feb

Southern breakfast cooking.

Silver Skillet Restaurant is only a few blocks from our place and I have been wanting a bite since we moved here.  Thankfully I was given an opportunity recently on my day off.

I was feeling lazy and missing Chuck Wagon breakfast from back home.  What I really wanted were some yummy eggs benedict and I was hoping Silver Skillet would fill my craving.

Yea, but no.  It’s a southern cooking breakfast place, meaning they have red eye gravy and catfish dishes.

No eggs benedict.

Luis had corned beef hash with grits and eggs.  I had a turkey and veggie omlete with my all time favorite raisin bread.

I loved the vintage look that the place had, like “hi! we haven’t renovated the place since we opened in 1959” with trivia cards on the table from that era as well.  The place was packed and the food was good but, not great.  I enjoy Chuck Wagon’s breakfast much more.  To me it seemed kinda pricey too.

Time for some more research and find another breakfast place!

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