The Varsity on Day 81

22 Feb

Before moving to Atlanta, Luis’ family had told us about The Varsity.

Day 81 and we finally took the time to pull into the largest drive thru restaurant in the world and give this Atlanta landmark’s menu a try.

I am not sure if I am into the whole eating in your car while trying to balance plates and food on your lap.  Probably wouldn’t be our go-to spot but, it was quick and cheap, and on this day.. it worth the trip.


We had the chili cheese dog with cole slaw and a side of onion rings.

Oh! and an orange freeze!

Thinking about it now, I think this was my first dining drive thru… Thanks for the experience and we will see you when we see you!


One Response to “The Varsity on Day 81”

  1. Melanie Duffy February 23, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    The old drive-in dining had trays that hooked onto your window and the waitress’ wore skates.

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