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The Joy

28 Mar

I have been told recently that I have a gift to find joy in the smallest things.

I have really been enjoying the change in season. One day to the next leaves start to grow on the bare branches and buds begin to open. Monday the tree outside my window is naked and by Tuesday afternoon each branch has a dozen or so leaves on it, just like that…. like magic.

I wonder if I am an odd person to actually look for trees and bushes that have changed on my drive home and think to myself, “Oh! I need to get a picture of that!” Does anyone else do that?

And also, I sometimes wonder if this gift is also a curse?  What good is it to be happy if no one is there to see and feel the happiness with you?

Luis and I have many things in common, but the patience to take a good photograph is a hobby that is all me.


Rainy Saturday

27 Mar

What do you do when the weather is calling for hail and a possible tornado?

(Breakfast; maple sausage, Canadian ham, eggs, plum and blackberries with a bagel)


A whole day in the kitchen, which is a good thing since we have a bunch of food from when my family visited.  I thought they would stay longer so I bought the whole grocery store to make meals while they were here, but as you know, they took us out to eat when they were here =) Now it’s time to clean the refrigerator out!

(Lunch snack; maple and fig spread on mozzarella with grape tomatoes and wheat crackers)

(Dinner; maple and fig spread on mozzarella with grape tomatoes again with a side of prosciutto this time. Ziti with vodka sauce and salad)

You would think I would be tired of the kitchen, but instead I am getting tomorrow’s meals together. Geesh!

Blueberry Creamsicles @ Home

26 Mar

I was on a popsicles making kick for a little while.

and having a huge container full of blueberries, why not try and make a popsicle out of them?

I layered coconut milk and my blueberry mixture into my popsicle mold, err… plastic cup.  I’ve been looking for an actual popsicle mold and haven’t found any. I am hoping with summer nearing my luck will change.

I left the blueberry sauce chunky.

Kinda like a jam. MMmmmm… jam! Piedmont Park has canning and jarring classes, I should take them to learn how to make jam. Yum! Jam like my grandma’s jam… cherry jam sounds good right now.

Anyway back to my creamsicles.


Catching the Change

24 Mar

Happy belated First Day of Spring!

I went out for a walk around the campus to catch a glimpse of the change of season.

I am waiting for these to start opening up. I have no idea what the name of the tree is, but it’s my favorite tree in our courtyard.

I absolutely love the color.

I walk around now staring at all the plants and trees and wondering to myself, “hmmm… I wonder what you are going to look like in a few weeks?”  Like this guy below, what are you going to look like?

I wish the white trees would keep their white blossoms, but instead it will become a tree full of green leaves in the next week or so.

Keeping a look out for more beautiful trees and the changes that will be coming.

“I haven’t a clue how my story will end, but that’s all right. When you set out on a journey and night covers the road, that’s when you discover the stars.” -Nancy Willard

Brownie Oreos

23 Mar

Happy 100th post!!

Two of my favorite desserts; Oreos and brownies to celebrate my 100th post!

Dipping oreos in brownie mix… it has to be good!

I have to admit the mixture wasn’t the greatest, a little too hard.  I think the baking time needs to be less so the oreo brownies would actually be soft.

So sad.. but at least they were fun to make!

Fox Brothers BBQ @ Dekalb Avenue NE

22 Mar

While Elaine and Charlie were here, they not only took us out to breakfast, but also to dinner.

What are you suppose to eat while in Georgia? BBQ for course!

I’ve always heard the south is where BBQ was born. Maybe not born in Atlanta, but we are in the South.

Fox Brothers BBQ is voted # 1 in Atlanta.  Luis and I have passed the restaurant before and noticed the place was packed and had a huge line.  We figured it would be a great place to try out for our first BBQ experience in the South since it is very popular so, we waited an hour for a table.

Now that is something I have never has before, fried pickles and jalapeno chips!  Oh my goodness! It’s my new really-bad-for-you obsession.

The ribs had a nice sweet sauce on them, but I have to admit I rather have a spicy sweet rub on ribs.  Elaine and I were quite disappointed with the coleslaw and the beans had a strong vinegar flavor to them.  I understand vinegar is used often in the south, but I wasn’t a fan.

Luis loved his Big Tex sandwich made with brisket and jalapeno corn bread.

My slab of ribs were so big I couldn’t eat them all and took some home for the next day.  The ribs tasted much better the next day, but I wasn’t crazy about the place, maybe it’s just me?  This place has to be great with all the people that are there, waiting for up to an hour to be seated.

Gotta find a BBQ place that makes my tummy happy.