Fox Brothers BBQ @ Dekalb Avenue NE

22 Mar

While Elaine and Charlie were here, they not only took us out to breakfast, but also to dinner.

What are you suppose to eat while in Georgia? BBQ for course!

I’ve always heard the south is where BBQ was born. Maybe not born in Atlanta, but we are in the South.

Fox Brothers BBQ is voted # 1 in Atlanta.  Luis and I have passed the restaurant before and noticed the place was packed and had a huge line.  We figured it would be a great place to try out for our first BBQ experience in the South since it is very popular so, we waited an hour for a table.

Now that is something I have never has before, fried pickles and jalapeno chips!  Oh my goodness! It’s my new really-bad-for-you obsession.

The ribs had a nice sweet sauce on them, but I have to admit I rather have a spicy sweet rub on ribs.  Elaine and I were quite disappointed with the coleslaw and the beans had a strong vinegar flavor to them.  I understand vinegar is used often in the south, but I wasn’t a fan.

Luis loved his Big Tex sandwich made with brisket and jalapeno corn bread.

My slab of ribs were so big I couldn’t eat them all and took some home for the next day.  The ribs tasted much better the next day, but I wasn’t crazy about the place, maybe it’s just me?  This place has to be great with all the people that are there, waiting for up to an hour to be seated.

Gotta find a BBQ place that makes my tummy happy.

One Response to “Fox Brothers BBQ @ Dekalb Avenue NE”

  1. Hoki Tse March 23, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    “Gotta find a BBQ place that makes my tummy happy”…
    just look downstairs to one of those bbq pits.

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