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Cornbread Souffle @ Home

30 Apr

We had a feast fit for the South, well minus the collard greens since Luis hates them.

And… maybe not so much as a feast, but more like I am experimenting with more southern dishes than asian dishes lately.

We started out with cream cheese and homemade local pepper jelly from Fairywood Thicket Farms, which Luis picked up at the Georgia Tech farmer’s market.  It is also my new addiction!

I guess I could say while in the South, do what the South do!  Or eat as the people in the South do!   This is one of our new favorite things to eat and eat it with anything!  This night we had it with BBQ chicken, potato salad, ham baked beans, and veggies.

Yesterday, I woke up very early to watch the Royal Wedding, took a cat nap and then headed out to Fulton County Courthouse to become a Notary. Then came home to make Luis and Hoki dinner. It was meant to be a day off, but it didn’t feel like it.  Today is gorgeous and I plan on playing outside.

Hope you get to go out side and play today too!

Monday Blues Cure

26 Apr

Have you ever had a friend that would always find little gifts to give to you, even if for no reason?

My good friend Annie has always gone out of her way to send me gifts for my birthday, when Luis and I got married, or just because she was thinking of me.  I have always tried to return the love, but I must admit I am not as good as she is.

She has a talent to find the most meaningful and thoughtful gifts that always make me feel all warm and loved.  Even now, being hundreds of miles away she sent me a care package with lots of little goodies she knew I would just love.

Like my window cling obsession! How awesome is that!?

Or my other obsession with flip flops! Which of course she knows very well since she use to be my supervisor when I first started at the law firm in Miami and I was always being called into my office manager’s office for wearing flip flops to work instead of professional high heels and she still tired her best to stick up for me. Annie is awesome!

DramaTech’s Little Shop of Horrors @ Georgia Tech

25 Apr

Luis came home last week with a little surprise for me!

Tickets to DramaTech’s Little Shop of Horrors for only $5.00! Luis and I have been to many Broadway and entertainment shows, and to be honest I didn’t think a college musical would be good as those.

Let me tell you, I am wrong.. dead wrong!  The show was amazing. The stage setting was very well put together. The singing was very good and the acting was awesome!  I wish I could have taken pictures to have shown, but photography was allowed for legal purposes.

The show took place at the Ferst Center on the Georgia Tech campus.

Luis knows me very well, and him getting us tickets for this show just made our weekend special. I can’t wait for the show in July, I am hooked!

Happy Easter!

24 Apr

I woke up before Luis and set out an Easter basket for him, then ran into the bedroom and woke him up to tell him The Easter Bunny had visited us!

He seemed unimpressed, but happy to see Hershey kisses.  He is a hard one to impress.

We had brunch at my favorite place, OK Cafe.

Luis had the meatloaf sandwich and I had crab and crawfish cakes. A very yummy and heavy brunch.

Now for nothing but rest and relaxation.

Georgia Tech Ramblin’ Round the Zoo

23 Apr

Today was overcast  with a cool breeze and I woke up excited to see how much the Zoo had changed since the last time we went, when we first moved here.

Which was during the winter, and most of the animals were not out and most buildings were closed.

Georgia Tech provided a shuttle to the Zoo which we decided not to take, thinking there would be plenty of parking, but ended up parking three blocks away.

About 200 students came out for  the 1st ever Ramblin’ Round the Zoo along with lots of families.  It was packed! Very different from our last visit when we were pretty much the only people there.

After the Zoo we went home and took a nap before heading out to see Drama Tech’s musical, Little Shop of Horrors.

My favorite part of the Zoo is still the petting zoo, something so simple, but makes me happy. Or it could be that I just really like goats.

Playing The Easter Bunny

20 Apr

I saw these cute little bunny bags and instantly knew I wanted to buy them and fill them with goodies for my co-workers.

My co-workers have thing for push pencils, which I haven’t seen since my elementary years. I love them!

Oh! and I just had to add something healthy into the little goodie bag to keep everyone happy.

No worries though, I added lots of different kinds of chocolate.

Aren’t these mini chicks, bugs, bees, and frogs so adorable!?

While I was packing goodie bags, I had to make one for Luis’ buddies here at Tech, Hoki and Eddy.

I even found these very cute plastic Easter eggs shaped like a frog and chick that I filled with jelly beans.

Luis played the Easter Bunny and dropped them off at their house the other night.  I hope it helped them not miss home so much, as holidays are always hard when away from family.

I know I am missing home and counting down the days until our flight to Miami.