Blind Date

9 Apr

Six years ago today, I met Luis on a blind date.

Set up by my co-worker and also Luis’ cousin for a group date night at Taverna Opa on Miami Beach. Which he was late to, 5 hours late. When Luis and his cousin finally did show up, I didn’t waste time and walked across the table to sit next to him.  Before you think I am some crazy women for walking on a table. It was Opa, a greek restaurant. It’s allowed! They encourage people to walk or dance on their tables!  =)

Back to our story…

We talked about music, food, and our interest.  I was hooked!  Now on our sixth year anniversary, I couldn’t be happier of the choice I made or more surprised of how much I love him and our life together.  He keeps me on my toes and allows me to be who I am.  Without him I wouldn’t have been able to do half the things I have without him by my side, he gives me courage.

No lie, courage…. like riding on a bike.

Our fourth date, a bike ride to The Keys.

I was so nervous about this date and all I remember is the advice my aunt Donna gave me when I told her I wasn’t sure about jumping in back of a bike with a guy I barely knew all the way to The Keys.  She told me that I couldn’t live life with fear, that I needed to enjoy myself. She also told me that she had done crazy things for men in her life too, such as jumping out of planes or racing cars.  What a women!

Kayaking The Keys, which we later fell into the water and landed on a shark.

A fear of getting hurt or stranded. So, of course I ran out of gas in the middle of The Everglades with alligators beside me.  Luis came to the  rescue with gas =)

Learning to shift gears, my first time on an ATV.

My fear of deep water, not a fear any longer.

Traveling the World and concurring my fear of flying.  Now, most people would think these things are not a big deal.  There are lots of adrenaline couples, and I am not one of them, I have many fears.  Even if that rush of adrenaline is not a feeling I prefer, I can’t keep Luis from enjoying his life.  Because of him, I have learned that many of my fears are ridiculous and I need to live life and enjoy my life.

Just like Donna told me years ago when Luis and I first started dating.  I am glad I finally started listening to her.

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