Sweet Auburn Curb Market @ Edgewood Ave

10 Apr

Luis took me out on Saturday to celebrate our 6th year being together.

It was an all day adventure . He thought of everything he knew I would love and crammed it into one day.

I have been having a slight obsession with street food and have been wanting to support the Street Food Coalition. So, Sweet Auburn Curb Market was just the right place for Luis to take me and explore a few food trucks.

Every Saturday Atlanta’s Urban Picnic is held at Sweet Auburn Curb Market (which is number 87 on my while in Georgia list), kinda like a food festival with food trucks and other businesses selling their goodies.

My favorite food truck is Yumbii.

I had spicy pulled pork sliders with cucumber kimchee and Luis had a pulled pork Korean BBQ taco with a side of sesame fries.

Inside the market there is fresh produce and great selections of meat and seafood, as well as all kinds of food stations that can meet any craving you might be having.

After the market we went to see the movie Hanna, followed by a trip to Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Of course! Because one thing we all know is that I love to admire and take pictures of trees, bushes, and flowers.  Everything I love in one day; food, watching a movie, and walking around in a garden. Luis knows me very well and how to make me happy.

Until tomorrow for part two of our celebration and our much needed time together.

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