Cornbread Souffle @ Home

30 Apr

We had a feast fit for the South, well minus the collard greens since Luis hates them.

And… maybe not so much as a feast, but more like I am experimenting with more southern dishes than asian dishes lately.

We started out with cream cheese and homemade local pepper jelly from Fairywood Thicket Farms, which Luis picked up at the Georgia Tech farmer’s market.  It is also my new addiction!

I guess I could say while in the South, do what the South do!  Or eat as the people in the South do!   This is one of our new favorite things to eat and eat it with anything!  This night we had it with BBQ chicken, potato salad, ham baked beans, and veggies.

Yesterday, I woke up very early to watch the Royal Wedding, took a cat nap and then headed out to Fulton County Courthouse to become a Notary. Then came home to make Luis and Hoki dinner. It was meant to be a day off, but it didn’t feel like it.  Today is gorgeous and I plan on playing outside.

Hope you get to go out side and play today too!

One Response to “Cornbread Souffle @ Home”

  1. Melanie Duffy April 30, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    Looks deeeee-licious! Yep–you’re my daughter—many addictions! Haaaa!

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