Little Five Points

7 May

What better way to celebrate the end of the first semester, then to bar hop around Little Five Points with great friends.

Thinking of it, it’s funny how all our friends are from Miami.  Could it be a Miami radar of some sort?

Little Five Points is a very interesting mix of alternative, funky, and soulful places to eat, drink, and shop.

We started at the The Vortex.

I tried a new beer and Bison (Buffalo) for the first time.  I had the Tasmanian Devil Bison Burger which is coated with a pepperberry rub and topped with pepperjack cheese and pineapple salsa.

I have to admit I have never bar hopped before, nor have I ever really ventured around this area. Luckily we had a good leader, Eddy to show us the way since he had already taken a taste test of a few of the places in the area.

After a few hours at The Vortex we wandered to a few other bars.  I wish I could tell you more details but I don’t really remember, except for ending the night by drinking with the local street people and some creepy women buying me a beer, which I did not drink in fear of it being roofied but “Sam” from Cambodia gladly accepted it.

Great news though! Luis received his grades and they were better than he thought, A’s!  I know A’s aren’t unusual for Luis, but this school was much harder than he thought and at one point we didn’t know if another semester would be possible. I’ve always had faith in him and I am glad he finally took faith within himself.  We are looking forward to the summer semester, which will be a lot less difficult. 10 more semesters to go!

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