Six Feet Under @ 11th Street NW

22 May

Luis and I celebrated our one year anniversary early.  It’s really isn’t until Tuesday, but we thought it would be nice to take our time today and try a new restaurant. The work week is always too hectic to relax and really enjoy some time together.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI was craving seafood, and what better way to meet a craving then having a southern crab boil?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnd crab cakes.

Image Hosted by

Luis had The Big Tuna with fried jalapenos on top.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

To top our feast off we had white chocolate banana bread pudding for dessert.

This place was awesome!  We really enjoyed the food, service, and price.  We will definitely be coming back, especially since it’s only a few blocks from our house.  I have it on our must-take-family list for when my mom and aunt come to visit in July.

The only question is; Is it odd that we celebrated our wedding anniversary at a place called Six Feet Under?

Luis says it’s because we will last till we our both six feet under.  Morbid, but sweet.

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