The Little Things

1 Sep

Happy first of the month! Getting closer to my favorite season and holiday, Halloween!

Here are the little things that have made me smile lately.

    • Dreaming and planning out our future with Luis
    • Family visiting

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    • The liveliness of the campus during this fall semester
    • The start of Georgia Tech’s football season just a week away

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    • Free Georgia Tech t-shirts
    • Welcoming block party at our spousal apartments
    • 65 degrees at night
    • Homemade tangerine and basil popsicles

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    • Having a brunch with friends to celebrate Luis’ birthday
    • Pulled pork butt tacos, slow cooked with garlic, guava and sour oranges

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    • Random taco party
    • Sharing stories and laughs with my co-worker
    • Road trips

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    • Having an addiction to 2000 piece puzzles
    • Our new bright blue chair from Target
    • Skipping rocks on the river

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    • Frat pleadges walking around campus with freshly shaved heads and wearing extra small yellow caps
    • Finally getting our bumper fixed on the truck
    • Salad feast at home with homemade bread

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