Simple Holiday Cheer

13 Dec

Happy 200th Post!

I didn’t go crazy with decorations this holiday like I did with Halloween.  Since Luis and I will be headed back home to Miami for Christmas, we kept it simple.

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The tree outside our window is back to the way it was when we first moved in, naked!  Very wintery looking.

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I love the blue glow the lights give off at night.

I also like seeing the kids playing on the playground below look up and stare at our lights.  I wish more people decorated their windows, but I do see a few Christmas trees in the windows across from us.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Our in door plant that we bought from Ikea some time ago is playing the role of Christmas tree this year.

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As usual, Christmas came early for Luis and I.  We have never been good at actually waiting for Christmas Day to open gifts =)

This week Luis has finals, and then we are headed to the mountains in North Carolina to kick back and relax before heading to Miami the following week.  I am super excited and can’t wait to hug everyone!

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