New Year / New Things

1 Jan

Remember my list of goals for 2011 (you could read about here)?  Well, it’s time to edit the list for 2012!
Here is what I was able to accomplish from my 2011 list.
  • More homemade projects like the paper snowflakes we did for Christmas
I was able to make lots of decorations this year, almost for every holiday and birthday!
  • Paint at least three canvas paintings
  • Host a wine and cheese party
  • Participate in a hot air ballon rally
  • Spend overnight outdoors in a tent
  • Continue to grow my hair and not cut it, only trimming allowed
  • Get lost a few times while kayaking and find my way
Kayaked, but didn’t get lost… guess it doesn’t count then. Gotta try harder next year  =)
Switched Atlanta’s 5k for Charlotte’s 5k.  Still going to keep this on my list for next year.
  • Bake my own bread
  • Dress as a zombie for the day and ride the MARTA for Atlanta’s Zombie Walk / Horror Fest
  • Make/meet really awesome friends
This is a goal for every year, since everyone’s a stranger waiting to be your friend.
  • Plan an outdoor picnic on a lake or in a meadow in the woods
We had an outdoor pre-Thanksgiving picnic in our courtyard.
  • Tell Luis I love him everyday
I tell him too many times a day that I love him.  Another goal to keep every year.
  • Go fishing on a river
  • Join the local library to check out and read at least two books a month
I checked out books, but did not keep my two books a month goal.
  • Re-take french classes
  • Volunteer at PAWS Atlanta
  • Give up sweets for 30 days
  • Try durian
  • Finish hanging our honeymoon pictures

According to the list above, I was only able to accomplish 3 items which is very interesting to me since I feel like I did so much this past year!
Now, to add to the list for 2012…
  • Take sewing and pottery classes at Georgia Tech
  • Explore a desert
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Visit 5 states that I have never been to
  • Wake up each day with a positive attitude
  • Go sailing

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