Another Long Drive

8 Jan

It probably wasn’t our best idea to drive from Atlanta to Miami a few days prior to driving to Texas from Atlanta.  The Miami drive was about 663 miles, and the Texas drive was about 790 miles.  When we drive to Miami we have always driven straight through, but with this Texas trip we decided to take our time and have an overnight stay somewhere in Louisiana.

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I have never been to or driven through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Texas.  For some reason I was really excited for Louisiana.  Something about swamps, creepy trees with moss, alligators, and bayou music (cajun music ?).  We took I-10, which was a really neat highway that seemed to have hundreds of miles of us driving on a low bridge above the swamp, as well as lots of bridges with great views.  While we were driving on the swamp freeway we made sure to have a cajun radio station on for the full experience, and they played “when the saints go marching in”, the Creole version.  Perfect, for getting us in the mood for the Saints vs. Lions game last night.  We decided to stop about 30 miles outside of Baton Rouge, in Slidell.  We stayed at La Quinta Inn, our new favorite chain, and ate at an Olive Garden since it was that or Taco Bell.

The next morning we woke up to fog and saw lots of cattle farms and rice fields while heading towards Kemah, Texas.

I wish I had taken pictures along our drive, as I intended, but I didn’t.  We plan to take a weekend trip to New Orleans in the next few weeks, and at that time I will be sure to make a few stops and snap a picture or two. In the meantime, here are some pictures Luis was nice enough to snap while we were driving.

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Somewhere in Alabama. We loved seeing all the pines trees.

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A gift Luis gave to me while we were in Miami.  It’s a cow that dances when light hits it.  I named him Baile, which means to dance or lead someone in a dance in Spanish.  I love my cow, and he does get me to dance in my seat when I see him shake side to side.

According to our GPS, you can see we only have 673 more miles!

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Blouxi, Mississippi.

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And, that’s the end of our road trip pictures.  I told you it wasn’t much.  Please, don’t be upset.  I have many more picture to come!

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