Day 64 – Kemah, Texas – Sewing Project # 2

12 Mar

I was able to sick to my goal and complete my first little girl dress.

I am pretty happy with it.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

I played around with one of the embroidery settings on my sewing machine to add an extra dash of cute and playful to the dress.  I think it looks like a vine with leaves.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Of course, I had to add something heart shaped to the dress. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.  I hand sewed metal heart buttons which look like they have a design of vines and leaves just like the stitching I added to the trim.

I am excited to start the second dress as the fabric is bright, colorful, and completely perfect for spring.  I will hopefully be able to tackle it soon while I still feel comfortable with my sewing machine.

My other accomplishment this weekend was homemade guava pastelitos.  I miss cuban food, and these were able to curve my craving.  These are quick and simple.   Defrost puff pastry, and cut into triangles.  Add guava paste (I use the brand Goya) to the center.  Fold into triangle.  Brush egg wash to the tops, and sprinkle with sugar.  Bake at 360 for about 18-25 mins, until golden brown.  Some like to bake at 400, but I prefer a lower temp setting so that every layer is baked  completely and it doesn’t brown/color too quickly.

Image Hosted by

Next time I think I will make some with cream cheese and guava, or maybe just the cheese.  Either way, it will be delicious.

2 Responses to “Day 64 – Kemah, Texas – Sewing Project # 2”

  1. Melanie Duffy March 12, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

    You are amazing! Where did you come from? Whose child are you really?


  1. Day 113 – Texas « 1,460 Days of Georgia - April 27, 2012

    […] Sew two dresses I only sewed one dress.  You can read about my attempts at sewing here and here. […]

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