100 Day Photo Challenge – Day 3

15 Apr

3) Favorite band/singer

My Band Pictures, Images and Photos

Source from here.

I wanted to upload a picture that was taken with me and the band, but my stuff is all boxed up and in storage in Atlanta.  It was about 10 years ago when Miami had a rock station called Zeta.  Every year the station would hold an all day music festival called Halloweenie Roast, but I believe that year was Zeta’s last Halloweenie Roast before the station died.   The festival was held on Halloween, and that year I dressed as an angel, all in white.  During a few second’s of silence during Chevelle’s show,  me and two of my  friends screamed at the top of our lungs our request for the band to play, our favorite song; Get Some.  Peter Loeffler, the band’s singer and lead guitarist chuckled and said, “okay then, for you guys”, and played Get Some… just for us.

As my friends and I danced around and sang with the song, a dude tapped me on my shoulders and asked if we wanted to meet the band.  Not thinking he was serious I still followed him. When the band was done with the show we were able to meet the band and take pictures with them.

I had just turned 21, and it was the best year ever.

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