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Rafting @ Ocoee River, TN

13 Aug

Our first rafting experience was years ago in Tennessee during the summer, and to tell you the truth I do not remember much of it.  I remember sitting in the front, but didn’t get wet much.  I don’t remember trying very hard on paddling either but, I do remember wanting to do it again!

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We had an awesome time with Wildwater Adventures and with our guide Bert.  The first question out of his mouth once we were all in the raft was, “wanna do easy stuff or a little bit more challenging?”  Yes, please give us a challenge!

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Our guide tried a few moves that we had never done before, like “get-in” which is where we paddle hard to the drop and jump into the raft and  hold on as we surf over the rocks and waves.  We also had fun doing 360’s over the surf and even did some kind of move (don’t remember the name) that made us get stuck in the drop/suck,then were spit out after a few seconds.  Let’s just say we got nice and wet, in the  nice 65° water.   Not sure if it was our guide that allowed us to try new moves or the river itself that made it so much fun, but I really enjoyed our rafting experience on the Ocoee River.

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I wish I had super powers and was able to take action photos while surfing, or during one of the “get-ins” or even a photo of one of the simple drops but, I was too busy paddling or holding on. Good thing my mother-in-law ordered us an action photo that was taken by the photographer that was standing on the river bank. So, I guess you will have to wait till then.

Banana Bread @ Home

13 Jun

This past weekend was very relaxing.  Not much was accomplished except for Luis bringing home a Crock-Pot slow cooker, which has been on my kitchen gadget wish list since December.

 Luis threw in some carrots, squash, onions, chicken, cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, and switched the dial to 6 hours.  All that was needed was the rice, which Luis prepared a half an hour before I walked through the door.  It was very nice to come home and not have to stand in front of the stove.

Such a nice way to complete a crazy Monday; walk through door, eat food, and enjoy. All I need to do now is cross my fingers that the dishes will clean themselves.  How did we ever live without a slow cooker?

Which brings me to the title of this post.  No, I did not bake banana bread in the slow cooker, but I did unglue myself from the couch long enough this past weekend to bake some delicious banana bread for my hubby.

I just wanted to share my excitement about our new slow cooker.  I should have taken a picture of our awesome dinner that Luis put together for us, but we ate it too fast. Next time.

I think everyday of the work week will call for dinner being made from our slow cooker.  Could this be a new addiction?

Oh, and the banana was good too! So good that it is already gone.  Lemon poppy bread is next on the baking menu.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Filling and Buttercream Frosting @ Home

14 Apr

Wow! Another long title.

I woke up early Sunday morning while Luis was still sleeping and started playing in the kitchen.

My plan was to make cupcakes, but not my usual red velvet cupcakes. I was in the mood for something more challenging and something chocolate with a touch of Easter!

Making a chocolate ganache filling.

I am sure Luis loved waking up to the mouth watering smell of my homemade chocolate cupcakes baking in the oven.

They were sooo cute and yummy.. and were gone by the end of the day!

Cold Front Thursday

10 Mar

It’s funny how I have to look up the weather now.

Your probably thinking, why is it funny when it’s something everyone does, it’s normal? Well, when I lived back home with my mom and uncle I never had to worry about the weather outside because I had my very own live-in weatherman to let me know what to expect.

My uncle, Danny would always give us updates of the weather.  Even when Luis and I took our trip to Japan, he let us know what to expect on the other side of the world.

It meant the world to me.  He gave more than a reminder to take an umbrella to work, he gave love.

I don’t have a weatherman in the house any more so, now I have to look up the weather before heading out.  Boo-hoo!

Which brings me to today.

I didn’t check the weather and forgot that it rained yesterday which would mean today the temperature would drop.  So, I wore a skirt to work today and was hating life while I walked to my car.

I miss my weatherman.

The cake I made for this cold and windy weather is a spice cake with buttercream frosting. All from scratch.

I am working hard at my 2011 goal, learning to bake and bake more!

Malanga Made Some Friends

26 Feb

Before we moved to Atlanta I had an idea to have little pots with herbs by our window in the living room. With the season changing I felt it was time to put that idea into effect.

Basil, Thai Basil, Oregano, and Cilantro.

It’s not raining as much as it did when we first moved here. A perfect place, full of light to grow herbs.

Oh! and meet our other new plant that Luis fell in love with.

I think it looks awesome in the corner.  I love how it helps accent the frames above.

I also picked up a little Calla Lily plant too, to help bring the feeling of spring into our little place.

Our little place is shaping up very nicely.

Looking at the pots, waiting for the seeds to start sprouting makes me miss the garden I had back home.  I wonder if I could grow tomatoes and green beans in a pot in my living room?

Feeling a little greener =)

King of Pops @ North Ave

21 Feb

The long weekend was full of sunshine and warm weather.

Perfect for something cool and sweet…

Number 65 on my list of things to do while in Georgia.

Steven is the owner of King of Pops and sells hand crafted ice pops from local ingredients.  The first time we went, he opened his cart up for business around noon and by the time we got there at 3 pm, he was pretty much sold out.  We did get to try the Chocolate Sea Salt popsicles which were super creamy and tasty.

So, we tried again the next day and were able to try an interesting flavor; Tangerine Basil.

Oh sooooo good.  I love the mixture of citrus and herbs.  One of my favorite desserts from The Capital Grille is the lemon cilantro sorbet.

Even the packaging is cute!  I think I am a fan and I might even have to talk Luis into another kitchen gadget to add to our collection.

A popsicle mold!