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Day 41 – Love From Home

16 Feb

My mom, er.. I mean our family dog, Dudley sent Luis and I a Valentine’s Day gift.

He sent us a message in a bottle.


I laughed out loud.

This is very cute, just look at his adorable face on the M&M.

“Woof, woof”!

Candy Cookies

2 Jan

While visiting family in Miami, after a huge dinner, I decided to be even more of a glutton by making candy cookies.  Isn’t there a saying; “there is always room for dessert”?

Candy cookies are made with your favorite miniature chocolates inside a ball of cookie dough, and any kind of cookie dough will do.  I just grabbed any and all bags I could find that were mini chocolates so we could have an assortment, and because I can never make up my mind which chocolate bar is my favorite, since they all are.

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It’s quick, simple, and evil.

After sampling from each of them, my favorite version of the cookies were the ones made with Hershey’s Rolo Caramels.  I love to bite into a cookie and have a string of caramel stick to my face.  My mom’s favorite were made with mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

What is your favorite combination?

The Last Days of 2011

30 Dec

Happy Holidays from Miami!

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Bachelorette Party @ Miami

19 May

I’ve been hiding.  I have been trying to get back into the swing of things after coming back from Miami, then having my wallet stolen, and now I am sick. Good thing I have pictures from my Saturday night with my girls while I was in Miami to make me smile and forget my stuffed nose.

We were celebrating my friend and neighbor since I was three years old getting married at the end of this month.  We gave his bride-to-be a party!

Mirta always throws nice and cozy parties at her house.  She was the one who also threw a party for Luis and I a party before we moved to Atlanta.

It’s always good to start a party with two drinks!

To the right is the bachelorette, Silvie and Daniella.  Aren’t the feather boas so sassy?

Perfect for a pleasure party.  Yep! You read correctly, Mirta hired a sex consultant to show us girls some toys.  Very interesting.

And… you will never know what everyone is looking at or what was passed around.

But, I will give you a glimpse of the games that were played.  Which I won!  I won a gift, which I forgot at Mirta’s house. I am sure someone picked it up and took it home to play with.

Every party should end with the boys in boas!  =)  Especially the groom!

After the games were done, the boys came over and said hello… err, had some fun too!

These girls are the best! I miss them and our monthly girls night out.  One weekend just wasn’t enough. I am counting down the weeks until our next trip to Miami… in November!

Wishing a lifetime of never ending love for Eddy and Silvie!

Miami Flashback

16 May

I am horrible! Not one picture of my mom, my uncle Danny, or my aunt Kathy!

But lots of pictures of food and Dudley… I suck!

French toast made by my momma, with love.

My mom asked what I wanted to do while I was home for my short  visit and that answer was easy; Mom, Dudley, and pool!  After so many cloudy and cold days in Atlanta, I was dying for some sun.

I also had fun trying to find all the hidden birdhouses my mom has unknowingly been collecting.

 My mom made me one of my favorite dishes. It is a very simple dish that always gives me a feeling of home.  It brings back many memories of my growing up years.

And my first time having yellow watermelon.

I am missing home and can’t wait for my family to come and visit us on my birthday, this past weekend was too short!

I just hope when they do come and visit that I remember to take pictures of them.

Happy Day of Love

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I can’t help but think of this day one year ago when my mother and aunts worked extra hard to make me feel very loved.

My family put together a bridal shower for me on Valentine’s Day last year and it was the best day ever!

I have never felt so much love as I did that day.  It was an absolutely amazing day!

Here are a few shots from the day that I will never forget.

My aunt Elaine even made the chicken pot pies heart shaped and tinted them pink.

How awesome is that!?

The place setting for each guest.  Very elementary Valentine’s Day =)

My amazing family.

Can not forget my uncle and Luis too!

It was a day filled with love.

And now that Valentine’s is here, I can stop being so mushy.  No more posts with pink or hearts!

Can’t forget my other love!

Haha.. love his face as he is about to attack me.

I miss him… I miss you… I miss everyone!

Hoping to make a visit home soon! Love you!