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Another Long Drive

8 Jan

It probably wasn’t our best idea to drive from Atlanta to Miami a few days prior to driving to Texas from Atlanta.  The Miami drive was about 663 miles, and the Texas drive was about 790 miles.  When we drive to Miami we have always driven straight through, but with this Texas trip we decided to take our time and have an overnight stay somewhere in Louisiana.

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I have never been to or driven through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Texas.  For some reason I was really excited for Louisiana.  Something about swamps, creepy trees with moss, alligators, and bayou music (cajun music ?).  We took I-10, which was a really neat highway that seemed to have hundreds of miles of us driving on a low bridge above the swamp, as well as lots of bridges with great views.  While we were driving on the swamp freeway we made sure to have a cajun radio station on for the full experience, and they played “when the saints go marching in”, the Creole version.  Perfect, for getting us in the mood for the Saints vs. Lions game last night.  We decided to stop about 30 miles outside of Baton Rouge, in Slidell.  We stayed at La Quinta Inn, our new favorite chain, and ate at an Olive Garden since it was that or Taco Bell.

The next morning we woke up to fog and saw lots of cattle farms and rice fields while heading towards Kemah, Texas.

I wish I had taken pictures along our drive, as I intended, but I didn’t.  We plan to take a weekend trip to New Orleans in the next few weeks, and at that time I will be sure to make a few stops and snap a picture or two. In the meantime, here are some pictures Luis was nice enough to snap while we were driving.

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Somewhere in Alabama. We loved seeing all the pines trees.

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A gift Luis gave to me while we were in Miami.  It’s a cow that dances when light hits it.  I named him Baile, which means to dance or lead someone in a dance in Spanish.  I love my cow, and he does get me to dance in my seat when I see him shake side to side.

According to our GPS, you can see we only have 673 more miles!

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Blouxi, Mississippi.

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And, that’s the end of our road trip pictures.  I told you it wasn’t much.  Please, don’t be upset.  I have many more picture to come!

Our First Place

8 Jan

Even though Luis and I hated your long hallway, and the several doors that had to be unlocked in order to get to our door, we loved you.   The elevators were broken more often than they worked, and when they did work, they were extremely slow, we still loved you.  Our place faced away from the sun, and never shined in our window for more than a few hours a day, making all of our plants die, but we still loved you.

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You had the best ceilings and windows, so tall, and gave us a nice view of the courtyard.   We would like to thank you for the two bedrooms, we greatly appreciated them, my shoes were thankful too!  I enjoyed the open kitchen that allowed me not miss a second of my reality television shows while cooking, as well as being able to keep Luis company (or completely annoy him) when he would be in the dining room while I was in the kitchen cooking.

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One thing for sure, I will not miss the unfriendly asian people that never say, “hello” or “good morning” even when you say it straight to their face.

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We are not sure where we will live when we move back to Atlanta for the summer, and to be honest it kind of worries me.  Where ever it may be, I am sure it won’t be as nice as our first place.

Moving is Messy

3 Jan

 A glimpse of our world lately.

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Want to know an exciting, yet scary thought?   In less than a three days we will be in Texas!

Tomorrow the last of our stuff is going into storage, not to be seen or used again for a year or more.  We are feeling odd at the moment, not really having a home, or having the comfort of our stuff around us.  All we have is emptiness and boxes, we are stuck in the in between for a few more days.

On the positive side, I am happy that this time around we won’t have to pull a trailer.

Officially Georgians

11 Sep

With Luis having a birthday in August and it now being September, that means we had to replace our license plate and say good-bye to Florida.

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We gave up our Florida driver licenses the first week we moved to Georgia.  All we had left was our plate letting everyone know where we came from, but now we don’t stand out.  We are Georigians.

We are keeping our Florida plate though, and after Georgia.. who knows? California, Texas, the State of Washington?

What will I miss most?  Cheap weekend cruises to the Bahamas and the Florida resident discounts into Disney.

A Week of Little Things

8 Dec

Recent Things That Made Us Smile

Today makes one week! One week not being home spending time with family and friends, working or loving on our dog, Dudley.  I am sure soon enough one year will pass by as quickly as this first week has. I still wonder when it will hit Luis and I that Atlanta is now our home and not a vacation? And when will I stop missing home? At least there have been some little things that have made Luis and I smile…

  • A puddle that turned into ice

  • A young woman at Atlantic Station wearing bright purple tights
  • How Luis has been organizing everything and doing the laundry
  • All the buildings with Christmas decorations
  • Cutting paper snow flakes with Luis to hang in our living room window

  • Using our awesome cooking pots and pans… finally! (Thanks Mom!)
  • Bundled up little kids that look like mini snowmen
  • The temperature
  • Planning a trip to Zoo Atlanta
  • Getting to use the little dishes I got from a one yen store (dollar store) in Tokyo

  • Target and Ikea being less than a mile from our apartment
  • How Luis can’t sit still
  • The view from our living room
  • Keeping our malanga plant alive by moving it around the apartment so it could get sun

  • Saving money by finding two for one deals
  • Ice skating in the middle of a park
  • The fraternity house dog
  • The Varsity, even though we haven’t eaten there yet… Waiting for Luis’ parents  =)

Feast and Goodbyes

5 Dec

The weeks leading up to our move we had a few get-togethers with friends, Thanksgiving with family, and a rib feast. The better memories of moving since the worst memory was Luis and I driving 15 hours from Miami to Atlanta because the truck trailer speed limit was 55 and 6 hours to unload all our stuff and into our new place. Geesh! My back is hurting just remembering it.  Did I mention the security in the building is extreme and we had to move all our stuff through 3 doors that you could only open if you have to key? Yea… it was tough.

My uncle made Luis and I an awesome rib dinner, one of my favorite meals. He spent hours marinating then smoking them. Super yummy!

Three days before our big move we spent Thanksgiving with both our families.

And last but not least… spending time with great friends

Thank-you to everyone who put such awesome parties together and see you next year!