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The End of Texas

12 May

My last meal in Texas.

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Turkey and spinach lasagna, and a side salad with ginger dressing.

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As well as shaved ice.  I miss those tasty shaved ice cups.

Day 82 – Kemah, Texas

7 Apr

My lovely cousin from North Carolina sent me a thinking of you gift.

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She has cooked for us, booked and paid for hotel rooms, shared drinks and stories with us, roasted marshmallows over a fire with us, invited us into her home, and encouraged Luis and I to do a 5k.  She is amazing, thoughtful, and caring.

She is always doing some kind of wonderful and entertaining activity.  One of her activities I have always wanted to be a part of, her book group that she holds at her house.    She makes lots of delicious food, serves wine, and surrounds herself with great people.  To me, it sounds like a perfect night, and a great way to find a new book to read.  I would love to discuss a book with people and get their own interpretation of the story.  I am hoping one day I will be able to join one of her book groups, but until then, I sent her a gift so I could in some way be a part of her book group.

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The North Carolina state shaped cutting board is made by A.Heirloom and is eco-friendly, along with a butter knife that is engraved with a very important message; “Spread Laughter”.

Almost time for Luis and I to head back to Atlanta and we will be seeing you and the family soon! ❤

Day 70 – Heading to San Antonio, Texas

28 Mar

Happy belated first day of spring!

On our way to San Antonio a few weeks ago, the highway was blanketed with flowers.  So, of course, I had to pull over on the highway and snap a few very quick photos.

  A real post of our San Antonio trip coming soon.  Until then, here is a little peak.

Day 64 – Kemah, Texas – Sewing Project # 2

12 Mar

I was able to sick to my goal and complete my first little girl dress.

I am pretty happy with it.

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I played around with one of the embroidery settings on my sewing machine to add an extra dash of cute and playful to the dress.  I think it looks like a vine with leaves.

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Of course, I had to add something heart shaped to the dress. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.  I hand sewed metal heart buttons which look like they have a design of vines and leaves just like the stitching I added to the trim.

I am excited to start the second dress as the fabric is bright, colorful, and completely perfect for spring.  I will hopefully be able to tackle it soon while I still feel comfortable with my sewing machine.

My other accomplishment this weekend was homemade guava pastelitos.  I miss cuban food, and these were able to curve my craving.  These are quick and simple.   Defrost puff pastry, and cut into triangles.  Add guava paste (I use the brand Goya) to the center.  Fold into triangle.  Brush egg wash to the tops, and sprinkle with sugar.  Bake at 360 for about 18-25 mins, until golden brown.  Some like to bake at 400, but I prefer a lower temp setting so that every layer is baked  completely and it doesn’t brown/color too quickly.

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Next time I think I will make some with cream cheese and guava, or maybe just the cheese.  Either way, it will be delicious.

Day 55 – Kemah, Texas – Sewing Projects

8 Mar

Last weekend I pulled out my sewing machine for a small project.

I have never used a sewing machine, been behind a sewing machine, or touched a sewing machine.

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I stuffed the top heart with cotton for a raised heart look, and for extra cushion to push my pins into.

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To get the feel of the power from the sewing machine, and to learn how to stitch the trim, I made a heart shaped pin cushion.   I made three pin cushions to be exact.  The picture above is from the best looking one.  I am slowly learning.

I also played around with all the different stitch designs with an extra square piece of fabric, which took up most of my time.  So many different design possibilities.

My next project is a girl’s dress!  I am still staring at the pieces wondering when I will get the motivation to complete it.  I now understand other bloggers who write about their new craft of sewing, and how they have a love hate relationship with it.

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Maybe by this weekend I will be able to finish it…

Or maybe I will have to wait till we go back to Atlanta and enroll in sewing classes at Georgia Tech for the summer.

Day 39 – Kemah, Texas

14 Feb

Happy Day of Love!


I did something simple for his lunch today.  Just a little “Hi, I love You”!

I also included a little note and my favorite pasta, butternut squash with a garlic, sage, and butter sauce.


Now I am waiting for him to get home from work for our dinner date at Joe’s Crab Shack.


I am still not feeling 100%, but better than last week and I am showing off my I have lost 10 pounds smile.  =)

I love you!