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Our First Place

8 Jan

Even though Luis and I hated your long hallway, and the several doors that had to be unlocked in order to get to our door, we loved you.   The elevators were broken more often than they worked, and when they did work, they were extremely slow, we still loved you.  Our place faced away from the sun, and never shined in our window for more than a few hours a day, making all of our plants die, but we still loved you.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

You had the best ceilings and windows, so tall, and gave us a nice view of the courtyard.   We would like to thank you for the two bedrooms, we greatly appreciated them, my shoes were thankful too!  I enjoyed the open kitchen that allowed me not miss a second of my reality television shows while cooking, as well as being able to keep Luis company (or completely annoy him) when he would be in the dining room while I was in the kitchen cooking.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

One thing for sure, I will not miss the unfriendly asian people that never say, “hello” or “good morning” even when you say it straight to their face.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We are not sure where we will live when we move back to Atlanta for the summer, and to be honest it kind of worries me.  Where ever it may be, I am sure it won’t be as nice as our first place.

More Love, More Pink

10 Feb

Poor Luis.

As Valentine’s Day gets closer more pink, hearts, and girly stuff appear.

Now I have attacked the bathroom.

This is the set I bought last year for my bridal shower. For now, it’s nice not having an all white bathroom.  I would like to keep this up until May, but I have a feeling even I will get tired of the pink (oh my).

And it’s not even over yet! I have more girly decor coming!

Poor, poor Luis. I am so glad he loves me =)

Hello Marigold, Gray, and Royal Blue

19 Dec

A Peak at our Living Room

Our living room set up so far.

(Click on a photo to enlarge)

It still needs a lot of work and some more inspiration. I have so many ideas but gotta wait for now.

Our inspiration is Georgia Tech; colors of yellow and blue with accents of grey. Even though the official school colors are yellow and white with some use of navy blue. Our version with a twist.

Bright, loud, and fun!

Marigold and Gray Pillows $25.00, Dwell Studio Collection from Target

Brown Suede Lumbar Pillows on Clearance $20.00, Potterybarn

Blueberry Ottoman on Sale $7.00, RE Collection from Target

Yellow Side Table on Clearance $3.00, RE Collection from Target

These college years are probably the only time I can get away with decorating our place with colors like these and have Luis like it.  At least until real adulthood comes around with buying our own home and then decorate with a more mature modern chic color wheel.

Love being able to use our Tako (Octopus) stuffed animal from the Osaka Aquarium in Japan into the mix… heehee

or these little fall leaves window clings I picked up from Target for a buck!

Well, that’s it until we add more to our living room… see ya!