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Snaps From This Week

30 Oct

Lots of little things have happened this week.

We won the Halloween door contest!

Trick or treating for the kids at 10th and Home.  Luis and I passed out the candy.

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Afterwards the GLC (Graduate Living Center) held a party for the adults, which included a candy apple bar, witches brew, and mingling.

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What did I dress up as?  I tired and hungry straight from work paralegal, haha.

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A fun Halloween treat made with Halloween Oreos and pretzels with melted white chocolate.  After mixing the ingredients together either in a ball form or into bars just refrigerate for 15 minutes and it’s ready to eat.  I shaped mine into a ball form and cut away chunks as needed.  Candy corn, mini M&M’s, or anything can be added to the mix for more Halloween fun.

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When it’s fall, not only do the trees change colors, but everything falls to the floor.

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It’s homecoming week at Georgia Tech.  Tailgaters were throughout the campus, taking up every inch of ground for our football game against the undefeated Clemson team.  It was an amazing game, the best game I have seen this season. Everyone was pumped and it showed in our game, even with some bad calls and some things that the referees “missed” we won 31 -17.  It was a nice feeling after being 6-0, then losing two games, making our comeback and winning big.  There was lots of celebrating last night.  Happy Homecoming!

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More sweet treats inspired by Southern Belle Farm, who had some adorable and very easy marshmallow treats on display. I love any dessert made with marshmallows, just like those chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies you buy around Easter. Love those things.

I made mine with an extra caramel layer.

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After the caramel hardens in the refrigerator for a few minutes, add the chocolate layer.

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You can add sprinkles, nuts, mini M&M’s, or my favorite; graham cracker crumbs for a Smore flavor. YUM!

Oh and please ignore my half painted thumb nail, as I was testing out a new fall nail polish, oops!

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With Halloween only a day away, I am making pumpkin and squash soup!

Hope you have a Happy Hallows Eve!

Door Contest

27 Oct

Tomorrow 10th and Home is having a Halloween party, trick or treating for the kids, and a door contest.  The RA on our floor saw our door and asked if we wanted to participate.  Of course we do!

So, Luis and I added a few more touches to make the door more complete.

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I am not sure what the prize is, but  it doesn’t matter.  Decorating the door with Luis was fun enough.

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I have been in the kitchen tonight making some sweet treats as well.  The door decorating got me back into the Halloween spirit.

Here is a sneak peak at my twist on one of my favorite winter treats; Christmas bark.

I call it Halloween bark =)

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Malanga Made Some Friends

26 Feb

Before we moved to Atlanta I had an idea to have little pots with herbs by our window in the living room. With the season changing I felt it was time to put that idea into effect.

Basil, Thai Basil, Oregano, and Cilantro.

It’s not raining as much as it did when we first moved here. A perfect place, full of light to grow herbs.

Oh! and meet our other new plant that Luis fell in love with.

I think it looks awesome in the corner.  I love how it helps accent the frames above.

I also picked up a little Calla Lily plant too, to help bring the feeling of spring into our little place.

Our little place is shaping up very nicely.

Looking at the pots, waiting for the seeds to start sprouting makes me miss the garden I had back home.  I wonder if I could grow tomatoes and green beans in a pot in my living room?

Feeling a little greener =)

Little Touches

12 Feb

I was able to cross off number 21 from my goals for the new year list on my one day off.

Just in case you don’t remember the last item on my new year goals list was to finish hanging our honeymoon pictures. THE pictures that have been sitting on our kitchen counter for the last two months just waiting for someone to hang them.

Luis has been spending all of his time at school or studying and will continue to do so until summer so, it was up to me!

Half way through this little project, Luis walked in from his study group and his first response was “Thank goodness you are the one attempting that”.

Thanks love!

I think the frames turned out really well.  Luis loved it too.

Oh and here was my snack before putting up the frames, yum!

Tuna with cherries and bok choy (Luis made it) over baby spinach with a side of avocado.

Next item to tackle will be to do something with that other blank wall.

More Love, More Pink

10 Feb

Poor Luis.

As Valentine’s Day gets closer more pink, hearts, and girly stuff appear.

Now I have attacked the bathroom.

This is the set I bought last year for my bridal shower. For now, it’s nice not having an all white bathroom.  I would like to keep this up until May, but I have a feeling even I will get tired of the pink (oh my).

And it’s not even over yet! I have more girly decor coming!

Poor, poor Luis. I am so glad he loves me =)

Hearts Everywhere

9 Feb

With Valentine’s Day coming up and me being a huge fan of hearts, I decided to make paper hearts to decorate our little place.  Also, number one on my list of new goals for the year is to make or create more crafts.

I was able to finish up my hearts last night while Luis and Hoki studied.  This is what their side looked like…

And this was mine…

We all stayed up super late.  Poor Luis and Hoki didn’t get to bed until 5 a.m.

When I woke up in the morning the hearts looked very cute on our windows.

This is just the beginning.  I have more love to create and hang around the house. Until next time!

Very White

20 Dec

Day number 20 and we have our dining room put together. We decided to forgo the other dining room set we had in mind because it required a much larger budget which at this moment we don’t have. Plus, we are only here for 4 years. Why put in a bunch of much money to buy things for this place?  Most likely we wouldn’t take anything from here to our next place.  Sell it all and move on.  Especially if we travel for Luis’ job in the future… okay enough dreaming, here is our dining room set up for now.



Not a lot of color at the moment but, we have some ideas and touches to add to the area to bring in some color. That’s for later though.

We did some DIY on our book shelf to give us more room for all our wine glasses and because we can’t hang or nail anything onto our walls, the book shelf seemed like a great area to hold and display them all.  The book shelf is also a great place to add little treasures from past generations.  The owl is from my grandmother’s sister, Cutie and her personal owl collection.  She gave it to my aunt Donna, who has also passed and then given to me by my mother.

We also added another light to our dining room area right above the table since it was kinda dark.

The best part about this whole project is that we spent much less than the first budget we thought of.. actually we spent about $130! $130 includes the dining room set (table and chairs), light, light fixtures, book shelf, and two wine glass racks.  And for us college kids… it means awesomeness!

I am so glad to have unpacked the last two plastic bins that had dishes in them.  Now it feels a little more like home and I am sure Luis is super happy not to have to eat on his lap any more.