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Waking Up in the Mountains @ Green Mountain, NC

31 May

Luis and I woke up on our first day on the mountain at my uncle and aunt’s cabin at 6:00 a.m. to watch the sun come out and shine on the mountain views that surrounded us.  It was easy to wake up early with all the different birds that were singing their songs.  It was so lovely to wake up to their sining rather then my alarm clock.

Unfortunately, with all the rain on Friday this Saturday morning view was nothing but mist.  We were in the clouds, which was pretty cool.   The view is of the Blue Ridge Mountains and could be seen from the porch of my uncle and aunt’s house.

So, instead we watched my uncle Eddy play in his garden.  You could see the cabin we stayed in peaking out from the left side of the picture.

The cabin we stayed in is located on the same property as my uncle and aunt’s house.  My dad’s house is only a few steps down the mountain.

I couldn’t believe all the flowers we saw on our way to North Carolina, all along the side the roads and all around my families houses on the mountain.  Atlanta seems to have less and less flowers as summer nears, but here, the flowers were abundant and some I have never seen before.

Luis and I were amazed with not only the flowers, but all the foliage since the last time we came to visit around Christmas time in 2008, since it was winter time the trees were all bare and the colors were mostly brown.  Even though we enjoyed the winter look, we really love the springtime scenery that surrounded us on this visit.

We spent the morning on the porch with the family while waiting for the mist to disappear. Aren’t these kids the most adorable kids ever?  They are my second cousins, Adan and Sophia.

Around 10:00 a.m. the sky became more clear so my cousins and my aunt took Luis and I for a hike on Mount Mitchell.

Yep, this post only covers the first few hours of our first day. Hey! It was a long day, until tomorrow!  =)