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Happy Day of Love

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I can’t help but think of this day one year ago when my mother and aunts worked extra hard to make me feel very loved.

My family put together a bridal shower for me on Valentine’s Day last year and it was the best day ever!

I have never felt so much love as I did that day.  It was an absolutely amazing day!

Here are a few shots from the day that I will never forget.

My aunt Elaine even made the chicken pot pies heart shaped and tinted them pink.

How awesome is that!?

The place setting for each guest.  Very elementary Valentine’s Day =)

My amazing family.

Can not forget my uncle and Luis too!

It was a day filled with love.

And now that Valentine’s is here, I can stop being so mushy.  No more posts with pink or hearts!

Can’t forget my other love!

Haha.. love his face as he is about to attack me.

I miss him… I miss you… I miss everyone!

Hoping to make a visit home soon! Love you!

Japanese curry

7 Dec

Dinner Time

Our first real dinner in our new place was a few nights ago. I made a dish that Luis and I have been craving since our Japan trip

and can’t buy at any restaurant, Japanese curry with chicken.

Unlike the curries you find in Thai restaurants it’s not red or made with coconut milk but many ingredients including a curry paste called Golden Curry that I could never find in a Publix in Miami but found quickly in a Publix here in Atlanta. In order to make this curry you need to shred carrots, garlic, ginger root, a red apple, and chop up onions, potatoes, and a green pepper.

Thanks to my mother in law for giving me a very nice mandolin at my bridal shower, it made shredding the ingredients to make this dish much easier.

And Mirta for the wok! It turned out so good, I made it the next night too!

We are hooked!