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Bubbles to the Rescue

16 Feb

This was my morning view.

It’s bright, sunny, and warm…er outside.  It’s a beautiful day.  Even our malanga plant from home is loving today.

It’s beautiful outside, but  lately we have been stressing inside.  Sometimes we need to stop and take a look around and notice all the little things that gives us that push to continue on.  No one said this move would be easy, school would be easy, or finding a good job would be easy.

Luis is taking the same amount of credits he did at Miami Dade while he worked full time.  Here at Georgia Tech, studying is his full time job.   He is tired and is stressing to complete all his homework and have enough time to study for his tests as well as stressing to do well on his tests.  He has been studying every day late into the night including weekends.  He has no time to do anything for himself or the time to relax and when he does get a moment to himself, he thinks about home.  I feel for him.  I totally understand.  I miss home very much too.

But, I can’t imagine what it has been like for him not being able to relax, to watch a movie or go for a run, having to plan your day around studying.  Even though my work schedule is different from his schedule, I at least have time to cook, run errands, and relax.  I want to help him not roll everything into one huge ball of stress and to learn how to sort out all the items and only focus on one thing at a time.

So, to help with the stress, bubble baths have been our newest therapy.   You gotta shower anyway so why not take an extra 10 mins or so and soak in a nice warm soothing bath.  I even found the bath salt my mom would use when I was a kid.  It makes your skin so soft!  I mix bath salt with a lavender bubble bath, because bubbles can make anyone happy and it becomes the best 10 minutes for the day!

It has seemed to help Luis unwind, but I am still looking for more ideas of how to deal with stress.

I can see my mothers response now, “meditation” as she sits in her bed worrying about us.  No worries, this is a part of life.  This is part of us adjusting to all of the new things that have happened in these past few months.  This year will fly by and the stress from this first semester will be long forgotten.  Love you Mom!

As for the home sickness, I am sure that will take the longest to recover from but, I have been working hard  at finding a new job opportunity.   I have sent my resume out more than 50 times and have been on 7 interviews. The responses have either been that I don’t have enough experience or too much and I would get bored. Really!?

I had a great interview on Valentine’s Day and I was called the very next morning and given an offer.

I started today!

So at least that is one thing we don’t have to worry and stress about any more  =)