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100 Day Photo Challenge – Day 1

12 Apr

I have decided to try out and join the 100 day photo challenge group.  This could be a big mistake for many reasons.  One main reason, I have not been good at posting everyday or even every week for a few months now and also I have no idea if the house Luis and I will be living at in Atlanta will even have internet.  Let’s also not forget that in two weeks I have the pleasure of driving 12 hours to Atlanta, then another 10 hours to Miami just two days later.  This could be a real challenge.  Let’s get to it and hope I don’t mess it up!

Number one on the list:

1)A picture of you taken today

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is me, sitting in my living room, after working out, in my Led Zeppelin shirt.  So sexy (note sarcasm here).

Sorry, but this is me today.  No need to get dressed up as all that is needed from me today is to work out, make dinner, watch TV, and read a few more chapters from my current book, Prized.

Actually, I kinda like this photo challenge already.  It has given me an excuse to use my Photo Booth on my Mac.  I have only used it about 3 times in the entire 5 years I have owned my lap top.  Shocking, I know.  Most people buy a Mac just for Photo Booth.   I am a shame to the Mac community.