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Happy Valentines Day

15 Feb

A Valentine card from my mommy  =)

When you open it, it gives you kisses!

My gift to Luis, of course in an owl bag with hearts.

The look of joy.

Luis’ gift to me.

I love knowing that Luis actually listens to me.  I have been talking about my craving for meatloaf and chicken pot pies for a few days now and he went to find a great southern cafe, called OK Cafe that served both items and brought it home for me as our Valentine’s dinner.

How awesome!  I love when my cravings are satisfied and it was soooo good.  I ate everything!

Even more, I love that we didn’t have any dishes to clean up since I got home after 11 pm and he also brought home my favorite dessert!

Pecan pie!

Luis had apple pie… yum!

This was a perfect day.  And after a long day at work the best part was being able to stay in my pajamas!

My Georgia Tech sweat pants and a heart sweatshirt  =)


26 Jan

I am totally in love with window clings.

Target has all different types for whatever occasion or holiday.

With Valentine’s Day, our six year dating anniversary, and our one year wedding anniversary coming up within the next few months, love and hearts and anything sickly over-the-top cute is in order.

And since fall has come and gone, Luis and I have taken down our falling leaves window clings and replaced them with these…

The little birds are saying “Love!”

and the dinosaur is thinking about love.

Soon, our paper snow flakes in our living room window will be replaced with another little something to get us in the loving spirit.

Valentine’s Day is especially special to me since my bridal shower was held on that day.  I’ve never felt so loved until that day.

It’s also the same day my grandparents on my father’s side met (at a dance) and later engaged on Valentine’s Day.  My grandmother has told me she would have gotten married on that day as well but, she wanted to get married with a warmer temperature =)

Here is a sneak peak…

A celebration of love.