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Do you Ninja? I Ninja!

29 Dec

This week at work things have been pretty slow so, after about four hours into my shift I have been told to go home. Which for now, I don’t mind and gladly accept to go home and spend time with my husband and lay around in my pajamas… and!  It gives me time to be in the kitchen.

My awesome cousin in law and someone who makes the most delicious dishes gave me her recipe for a Kalamata Olive Tapenade Spread that she made for the family at Thanksgiving.

Which Luis fell in love with and wouldn’t stop talking about.  So, I attempted to make it.

I was super happy to make this dish, because I was able to use my Ninja Prep Master for the first time!

This was a very easy recipe, with no thinking needed = love.

Plus, gadgets make cooking fun!

This is the Ninja, and it made this with a push of the button.

Happy husband… happy life.