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Day Dreaming

9 May

Luis and I had a lazy Sunday, finally no studying or me running around doing errands.

We sat outside in the sun and talked about how fast these past six months have gone by. Yes, isn’t it crazy that we have been in Atlanta for six months already? I can only imagine how fast the next two and a half years will pass by.

That conversation lead me to day dream about our future.  I dreamt of Luis and I traveling to some unknown and hard to pronounce places around the world after he graduates from Georgia Tech.  Both of us landing jobs in a city we have never lived before and buying our first home. The thought of possibly starting a family and being a stay at home mom. Waking up each day to explore the kitchen and to possibly teach a new life how to walk the Earth on his or her own feet.

Just so many possibilities and scenarios running through my mind.

“Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never knew you had” by Alice Sebold

I have to remember to take one day at a time, that this is only the first semester and many things can happen in the two and half years that we have left at Georgia Tech.   It can’t hurt to dream though, can it?

The Joy

28 Mar

I have been told recently that I have a gift to find joy in the smallest things.

I have really been enjoying the change in season. One day to the next leaves start to grow on the bare branches and buds begin to open. Monday the tree outside my window is naked and by Tuesday afternoon each branch has a dozen or so leaves on it, just like that…. like magic.

I wonder if I am an odd person to actually look for trees and bushes that have changed on my drive home and think to myself, “Oh! I need to get a picture of that!” Does anyone else do that?

And also, I sometimes wonder if this gift is also a curse?  What good is it to be happy if no one is there to see and feel the happiness with you?

Luis and I have many things in common, but the patience to take a good photograph is a hobby that is all me.