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The Little Things

17 Apr

The little things that have made me smile.

  • The smell of oil heating up in a pan… then adding onions and garlic.
  • Luis reading my mind from the other room, then rushing into the room, and both of us laughing our butts off.
  • Hoki’s transportation.
  • Georgia Tech nerd talk.
  • Two weeks until finals.
  • Summer semester.
  • Tracking down my favorite food truck to get my fix.
  • Going home in a few weeks.
  • Planning a trip to another state for Memorial weekend.
  • Putting together gifts for my co-workers.
  • Meeting Buzz on bowling night.
  • Being told I am awesome.
  • The Easter egg hunt held in our courtyard for the kids at 10th and Home.
  • Luis planning a date night for us.

Midnight @ the Tech Rec

17 Jan

We were kind of bored the other day after I got out of work around 11 p.m. so, we headed to the campus game room to pass some time with a friend.  We thought the game room would be super packed for a Friday night but, nope!  Just us three and another group of about five people.  No matter, it was still a good time.

Our walk to the game room, Tech Rec.

The ice is still on the ground and looks like you could ice skate on it.  I actually heard that on the first night of ice, someone was skating down the street on Peachtree in Midtown. Smart idea.

Sitting with the founder of Georgia Tech

An hour and a half of pool for six bucks!

Next time I want to bowl.. and it’s only two bucks! Sweetness!