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New Year / New Things

1 Jan

Remember my list of goals for 2011 (you could read about here)?  Well, it’s time to edit the list for 2012!
Here is what I was able to accomplish from my 2011 list.
  • More homemade projects like the paper snowflakes we did for Christmas
I was able to make lots of decorations this year, almost for every holiday and birthday!
  • Paint at least three canvas paintings
  • Host a wine and cheese party
  • Participate in a hot air ballon rally
  • Spend overnight outdoors in a tent
  • Continue to grow my hair and not cut it, only trimming allowed
  • Get lost a few times while kayaking and find my way
Kayaked, but didn’t get lost… guess it doesn’t count then. Gotta try harder next year  =)
Switched Atlanta’s 5k for Charlotte’s 5k.  Still going to keep this on my list for next year.
  • Bake my own bread
  • Dress as a zombie for the day and ride the MARTA for Atlanta’s Zombie Walk / Horror Fest
  • Make/meet really awesome friends
This is a goal for every year, since everyone’s a stranger waiting to be your friend.
  • Plan an outdoor picnic on a lake or in a meadow in the woods
We had an outdoor pre-Thanksgiving picnic in our courtyard.
  • Tell Luis I love him everyday
I tell him too many times a day that I love him.  Another goal to keep every year.
  • Go fishing on a river
  • Join the local library to check out and read at least two books a month
I checked out books, but did not keep my two books a month goal.
  • Re-take french classes
  • Volunteer at PAWS Atlanta
  • Give up sweets for 30 days
  • Try durian
  • Finish hanging our honeymoon pictures

According to the list above, I was only able to accomplish 3 items which is very interesting to me since I feel like I did so much this past year!
Now, to add to the list for 2012…
  • Take sewing and pottery classes at Georgia Tech
  • Explore a desert
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Visit 5 states that I have never been to
  • Wake up each day with a positive attitude
  • Go sailing

Number 16 on my 2011 List

25 Aug

During the summer, I took advantage of Georgia Tech’s library being less crowded and finally checked out the library. Yes, my first time stepping foot into the library even though we have been living here for almost a year already.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Number 16 on my goals for 2011 was to join a library and check out books. My other goal was to read at least three books a month, but that hasn’t happened.  I haven’t checked out a book from a library in years.  My Kindle just makes it too easy.  The library is free, so why am I wasting my money?  Or maybe I just wanted to enjoy an afternoon and browse aisles of books and skip through pages to see if a book catches my interest.  I love to read and I love the excitement (yes, i said excitement) of hunting for a winner to take home and read.  Finding an entertaining book out of thousands of books feels like a accomplishment or is it just me that feels that way? Oh, and another odd and nerdy fact about me, I also love the smell of libraries; yellow worn pages + old smell = love!