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Mount Mitchell @ North Carolina

1 Jun

Happy 1st day of June, and exactly one month until my 28th birthday!

Saturday morning after the mist had cleared my family took Luis and I hiking at Mount Mitchell State Park, the highest point east of the Mississippi. If you missed any of the beginning posts of our trip to North Carolina, you could catch up here and here.

The day was absolutely beautiful.  The air was cool and crisp and the sky was so clear that we were able to see every peak.

Isn’t it just beautiful?  I have never seen such a clear view of mountains before.  I’ve read that the summit is covered with clouds 8 days out of 10, and saturday was a great day to capture the beauty of the mountains. It almost doesn’t look real and these photos are not enhanced in any way. True colors according to my Nikon D3100.

Mount Mitchell’s nature trail.

This was one of the easiest hikes we have done, but also the highest and most colorful hike we have done to date.

This is one day, neither Luis nor I will ever forget.

Thank-you my Chereshkoff family for introducing us to a part of North Carolina’s beauty.