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Amicalola Falls State Park and Lodge @ Dawsonville, GA

1 Feb

61 days since we moved to Atlanta and we went hiking!

Sunday was a beautfiul day! Not a cloud in the sky and the warmest day we have experienced since our move to Georgia.

Luis hardly had any homework (a first as well) and we were itching to get outside and explore some woods and do some hiking on my day off.

About an hour from Midtown Atlanta is a great waterfall hike located in Amicalola Falls State Park.  The trail had about 400 steps to climb along the creek and up to the waterfall, even though my thighs were killing me I enjoyed the workout.

Base of waterfall.

The beautiful blue sky.

It was in the 70’s… tang top weather.

Not sure if you could see, but hundreds of stairs criss cross the waterfall.

Lots of stairs…

As I climed to the top I thought with my fear of heights I wasn’t going to be able to finish. I am sure Luis thought the same as he watched me cling to the side of the stairs. I was forcing myself to focus straight ahead of me and not to look to the sides.  Heights is another fear I need to conquer. It was high but…

Look Mom! I did it!

The way down was much easier.  Instead of going back down with all those steps, we chose the old miners trail.

A snap of the coolest tree… ever!

After speaking with a park ranger about the best season to hike the waterfall, we are looking forward to returning to the park in the spring to see wildlife and some green on them trees.