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And… it’s done

13 Feb

I hung the last of the paper hearts last night and I am now ready for the day of love to come.

I am sure Luis is ready for it to come too so he can take all of the hearts down.  Too bad that my plan is to keep the hearts up until May.

Why May? Because that is when Luis and I got married. Gotta keep the love going until then, no?

Oh and I did something with that one blank wall in our dining room.

I added the capriz and diamante beaded curtains that I bought for “the wedding that never happened” which I think looks great in this small area.  It makes the dining area feel more cozy and it gives it a kind of a restaurant feeling.   All we are missing is the booth!

Not a bad transformation from what the dining room use to look like…

Next up!  The living room.  Well, one day.

Hearts Everywhere

9 Feb

With Valentine’s Day coming up and me being a huge fan of hearts, I decided to make paper hearts to decorate our little place.  Also, number one on my list of new goals for the year is to make or create more crafts.

I was able to finish up my hearts last night while Luis and Hoki studied.  This is what their side looked like…

And this was mine…

We all stayed up super late.  Poor Luis and Hoki didn’t get to bed until 5 a.m.

When I woke up in the morning the hearts looked very cute on our windows.

This is just the beginning.  I have more love to create and hang around the house. Until next time!