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Happy Easter!

24 Apr

I woke up before Luis and set out an Easter basket for him, then ran into the bedroom and woke him up to tell him The Easter Bunny had visited us!

He seemed unimpressed, but happy to see Hershey kisses.  He is a hard one to impress.

We had brunch at my favorite place, OK Cafe.

Luis had the meatloaf sandwich and I had crab and crawfish cakes. A very yummy and heavy brunch.

Now for nothing but rest and relaxation.

Playing The Easter Bunny

20 Apr

I saw these cute little bunny bags and instantly knew I wanted to buy them and fill them with goodies for my co-workers.

My co-workers have thing for push pencils, which I haven’t seen since my elementary years. I love them!

Oh! and I just had to add something healthy into the little goodie bag to keep everyone happy.

No worries though, I added lots of different kinds of chocolate.

Aren’t these mini chicks, bugs, bees, and frogs so adorable!?

While I was packing goodie bags, I had to make one for Luis’ buddies here at Tech, Hoki and Eddy.

I even found these very cute plastic Easter eggs shaped like a frog and chick that I filled with jelly beans.

Luis played the Easter Bunny and dropped them off at their house the other night.  I hope it helped them not miss home so much, as holidays are always hard when away from family.

I know I am missing home and counting down the days until our flight to Miami.