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Candy Cookies

2 Jan

While visiting family in Miami, after a huge dinner, I decided to be even more of a glutton by making candy cookies.  Isn’t there a saying; “there is always room for dessert”?

Candy cookies are made with your favorite miniature chocolates inside a ball of cookie dough, and any kind of cookie dough will do.  I just grabbed any and all bags I could find that were mini chocolates so we could have an assortment, and because I can never make up my mind which chocolate bar is my favorite, since they all are.

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It’s quick, simple, and evil.

After sampling from each of them, my favorite version of the cookies were the ones made with Hershey’s Rolo Caramels.  I love to bite into a cookie and have a string of caramel stick to my face.  My mom’s favorite were made with mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

What is your favorite combination?