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Love from Home

2 Feb

Moms are the best!

My mom sensed that I was having a hard time so she sent Luis and I a little gift that literally made me laugh out loud.

Luis called me and told me to go to the campus apartments office, a package was waiting for me.

The package didn’t say who it was from, only a location from New Jersey.

The package also had perishable written on it… I wonder what it could be?

For some reason the first thing that came to my mind was my mother’s avocado bread, but even better I saw chocolate!

Wait a freaking moment!! Not just regular M&M’s….

Of course not! My mom is way cooler than that.  She sent us M&M’s with mine and Luis’ face printed on it.

I had seen these before for baby showers or weddings and secretly I have always wanted to eat something with my face on it  =)

She even picked out cute pictures us of.  What an awesome early Valentine’s present and I love the little jar it came with.

The next day, while Luis was studying he decided to eat only the M&M’s with my face on it and took a picture and sent it to me while I was at work.

Isn’t he sweet?

So, mom it’s been a few days since you sent us your awesome gift and I have to tell you..

the M&M’s are all gone! We ate them all!!  Thank-you, they were very yummy and it brightened my day!