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Heading towards Green Mountain

30 May

I was able to leave work a little early on Friday and hit the road to head to the North Carolina Mountains.

Once we left Atlanta, the mountains started to spring up.  This is where I started to get excited.

Half way we stopped into a BBQ place in South Carolina on US-25 called Huntin’ Camp BBQ and Grill.   We chose to have the BBQ buffet for $10.00 instead of ordering off the menu, that way we could sample a little of everything.  It was a cozy place, and it felt like a place more for the locals as everyone knew each others name.

Right after the restaurant there was a roadside farmers stand which I had to stop into, it was too cute to pass up!

We picked up some peaches and Frog Jam then hit the road again hoping to get to Green Mountain before sun down.  My fear the whole way there was to get to my father and uncle and aunt’s house in the dark.  Then my dad called and told me it was raining bad.. great!  Darkness and rain, I was panicking.  Mostly because driving up a mountain still scares me a little, with all the winding roads and crazy fast drivers, and especially in the dark since  the mountain does not have street lights, nor is the road up to their house paved.  I know, I worry over silly things.  We arrived at dusk in the rain. Luis was able to find the house with no problem, and our truck made it up the dirt road without slipping.  I was a happy camper.

When we walked into the house I had a surprise! My uncle Eddy’s daughters were there, who I have never met before! We all spent hours in the cabin telling stories until our eyes couldn’t stay open.  And when we woke up the next day, we had the most amazing sight.

Until tomorrow, day one with the family.