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“I do” 5-24-2010

24 May

One year ago today, Luis and I woke up and decided to go to the Coral Gables courthouse and get married even though we had our wedding planned, paid for, and invitations had been sent.

(my wonderful and talented aunt Elaine helped me make each invitation by hand)

(a handmade ring bowl that says “worth the wait”, which sits on our dresser and holds our rings every night)

(glass starfish appetizer plates)

(handmade felt flower bouquet by Princess Lasertron, which I was on a one year waiting list for)

Looking back we wondered if we would regret not having a magical day to celebrate our love in front of our family and friends.  We could tell you that one year later, we have no regrets. It was our best decision yet.

After experiencing moving away from our home and family and Luis not working, I am so glad we chose to cancel our wedding and use the money for one amazing trip to Japan (Luis’ dream vacation), and to pay off our debt to prepare for our new adventure.

And what an adventure it has been.  Nothing prepared us for what we have been through in the past six months.  All the things we have had to figure out and get used to.  Even though Luis is getting comfortable with school, I don’t think I will ever feel comfortable with living on one income.

I am glad we chose to put the money towards our future, and not to just one day.  It was a smart decision that has given us the happy life we have now.

Back to the day we got married.  After saying some vows that neither Luis and I remember in front of Luis’ mom, dad, and brother as our witnesses we took a little beach weekend trip up north.

Every day that we were at the beach someone came to visit us.  Our friends one night for drinks at Tarpon Bend, Luis’ sister and her boyfriend for a beach, and lazy river day, and more friends on the last day for our first ever experience at a really nice brunch buffet.

I had wanted to be Luis’ wife for years, and to be honest really since we first started dating.  He was so different.  He had the same thoughts and views as me, but a very different personality. I am always sunshine and he is always rain clouds, together we balance each other out.  Not a day goes by without love and laughter.  I am so grateful to be his wife.