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Our Christmas

27 Dec

Christmas Outfit

Christmas Dinner

Christmas was nice and quiet. Breakfast, play in snow, movie theatre to see Tron, and lastly.. dinner.

Luis wore his new red and black Adidas sneakers and I wore my new fun heart ruffle dress.

We gave our apartment a gift too, or more like our bedroom. A new bedding set.

First came rain…

then came snow!

All the little kids came out to play and a dad rolled around a ball of snow for what seemed like hours and made a snowman for his son. A snowman much bigger than the one I made last time. Which lasted until the next day.

A dirty snowman!

Because of the snow, I didn’t start making dinner until 8 pm.. Yikes!

And dessert..

Thankfully it was worth the wait.  It’s getting late and I have to work everyday this week and I don’t know when my next day off will be.  I just looked outside and there is still snow on the ground.

Today, we were able to drive around in snow for the first time. What’s it like!? It’s kinda like rain, but a lot quieter. Like tiny fluffiness hitting the window =)

Very White

20 Dec

Day number 20 and we have our dining room put together. We decided to forgo the other dining room set we had in mind because it required a much larger budget which at this moment we don’t have. Plus, we are only here for 4 years. Why put in a bunch of much money to buy things for this place?  Most likely we wouldn’t take anything from here to our next place.  Sell it all and move on.  Especially if we travel for Luis’ job in the future… okay enough dreaming, here is our dining room set up for now.



Not a lot of color at the moment but, we have some ideas and touches to add to the area to bring in some color. That’s for later though.

We did some DIY on our book shelf to give us more room for all our wine glasses and because we can’t hang or nail anything onto our walls, the book shelf seemed like a great area to hold and display them all.  The book shelf is also a great place to add little treasures from past generations.  The owl is from my grandmother’s sister, Cutie and her personal owl collection.  She gave it to my aunt Donna, who has also passed and then given to me by my mother.

We also added another light to our dining room area right above the table since it was kinda dark.

The best part about this whole project is that we spent much less than the first budget we thought of.. actually we spent about $130! $130 includes the dining room set (table and chairs), light, light fixtures, book shelf, and two wine glass racks.  And for us college kids… it means awesomeness!

I am so glad to have unpacked the last two plastic bins that had dishes in them.  Now it feels a little more like home and I am sure Luis is super happy not to have to eat on his lap any more.